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If you own and use a smartphone, then you already know what a back up is. Backing up data like photos, media, documents, etc. is common for Android users so that they don’t lose some of their valuable data if something happens. But normal backup methods for applications only allow you to make a copy of the APK file but not its data. With Titanium Backup for Android, you can make a backup of the app data too.

Titanium Backup is an app that works only on a rooted device, further demonstrating the perks of rooting an Android phone or tablet. You get to use apps such as Titanium Backup and they provide some great features that you won’t get in normal apps.

Root is one of the main requirements to use Titanium Backup. And you should go through the painstaking rooting method (only in some cases) because this app is worth all that. You’ll know why we say this when you read the next section.

Titanium Backup

Features of Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup has to be one of the most popular apps for backing up data. There are some very good reasons behind it and it is because you can backup almost all your data using it. You can backup your apps along with their respective data, system data, and even Wi-Fi passwords that you have saved on your device. Here are some of the app’s features.

Specifications “Titanium Backup”
Latest Version 8.1.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 7.7 MB
Last Updated 20 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Mass Backup

This is one of the best features of the Titanium Backup. Though the interface isn’t all that visually appealing, don’t let that throw you off. Everything you need is right there on the screen. The basic backup and restore option is right there on the screen if you want to backup individual apps. But if you want to make a backup of multiple apps, open the menu and then tap on Batch Actions. There are multiple options here. You can back up all user apps, system apps, newer apps, etc. Once you select an option, you can refine the list by choosing only those apps which you want to back up. Click the green tick after you have made the right choices from the list.

Schedule your Backups

Every time you install a new app, backing it up for future use is recommended. But doing it every time can be a hassle and you won’t even remember to do regular backups every week or month. Enter scheduled backups in Titanium Backup and all these worries are gone. Tap on Schedules on the home screen and you will see two options. “Redo backups for modified data” will only back up data that has some changes to it since the last backup. The other option is “Backup every new users+System apps” is an important one if you want to be extra sure. Tap on Edit and then select the time and what to do when the backup is complete.

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This is what comes next when you have a backup ready. Okay, so you have a backup of your most important data with Titanium Backup. But you should be able to restore all this data if and when your phone suffers a meltdown. The Restore option on the home screen can be used to restore apps individually. But the Mass Restore option in the Batch Actions menu is helpful when you want to restore all your apps and data in one fell swoop. “Restoring missing apps with data” is the option you’re looking for to get your device back to the way it was before the backup.

Other features

Backing up and restoring data isn’t the only thing Titanium Backup excels at. You can also freeze apps that you don’t like running in the background, thus saving valuable battery life and RAM. You can also back up a recovery zip file so that when your device is rendered useless by some mishap, you can restore it back. Furthermore, Titanium Backup allows you to uninstall bloatware or system apps that you don’t use at all. The PRO edition of the app also has a cloud backup function that lets you, well, you can guess alright.

This gets the really important features out of the way and now we can discuss some additional and special features. Titanium Backup also lets you choose the location of backups from the internal storage to the sd card. But this can cause certain apps to malfunction. Also, you can import and export your backup files from and to external storage devices.

How to Download Titanium Backup from Official Links

There is really only one official link for installing Android apps. And that is the Google Play Store. Fortunately for you guys, Titanium Backup is available on the Play Store so the download process will be a short and easy one.

  • Launch Google Play on your phone or tablet.
  • Search for Titanium Backup using the search tool.
  • Once the results are displayed, tap on the app from the list.
  • On the next page, you will see the green Install button.
  • Tap on it and the installation will begin shortly.
  • Once the installation is complete, simply tap on Open.
  • Once the app is open, you will need to grant superuser permissions.
  • As it is a root-only app, you have to allow this permission or else, it won’t work.

So, you can install Titanium Backup pretty smoothly and easily. There are other methods to install Titanium Backup but refrain from using them as they can harm your device.

Titanium Backup app

Titanium Backup APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

As we have installed Titanium Backup from the Google Play Store, it will work just fine. And as you would expect, apps on the Google Play Store are verified by Play Protect, which is relatively new. It checks whether an app on the store is free of virus or not. When it is, then only the store allows the app to be hosted.

Also, you need a rooted device, if Titanium Backup is to work properly. Apps require a certain version of Android to run at all. Titanium Backup requires only Android 1.5 or above. And almost all devices have that so you need not worry about that either.

Is it safe to use Titanium Backup?

Yes, it is completely safe to use Titanium Backup. It is found on the Google Play Store and so you can vouch for its safety and legality. Although, it is not something you should take lightly or jokingly. There are a few precautions you should take before you start using this Titanium Backup.

For example, you should make a recovery.zip file before you uninstall bloatware and your device malfunctions. Or, you shouldn’t move the data of apps into the sd card that directly affect the Android system. So, take care while you use Titanium Backup but it is safe to use.

This brings us to the end of the discussion on Titanium Backup. If you need any more info about the app, then you can contact us at APKJunky. You can also find other interesting articles on our website.