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People find games as a source of entertainment and is trending among all the age groups. There are games nowadays in which the adults are having a keen interest as it is of their genre and interest. Teen Patti is that type of game which people of all the age groups love. It is basically from the Indian subcontinent and is very popular and famous in the southern Asian part. Basically, it is the easy structure of the Poker game.

At the beginning of the game, one of the players will distribute the cards. The sequence of dealing the cards is normally in the anti-clockwise direction. Before starting the game, a certain amount is put on the table and according to it the distribution of the cards happen. The player who wins takes away the whole pot. According to the rankings of the game, the places are going to decide and the players sit in that manner.

There are many details and features present about the game is known as Teen Patti which is kind of a miniature poker gambling game. As the game progresses, there is a possibility of getting an addiction towards it.

Features of Teen Patti

There are some basic rules regarding the game which the users should follow it. As the cards will start distributing, a deduction of certain amount will take place. Moreover, a user can leave the table whenever he wants. In the center there is a collection of money which everyone can see. This is the pot for the following table. The money which you will put in the center will have many variations in them. Furthermore, it will totally depend on the current stake which is going on.

Specifications “Teen Patti”
Latest Version 6.68
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Last Updated 28 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.3+
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  • If the member before you have seen the cards and have bet, you can pay the same amount or half of it.
  • Similarly, if the person previous to you have not seen the cards or is blind, then you have to pay the exact amount or double the amount.
  • If all the players present on the table has folded the cards then the last person surviving will win and claim all the amount from the pot.
  • The bet prior to your turn and the value of the bet is the current state of the particular bet.
  • When a show occurs, then the person whose cards are higher wins the stake and person who have lower cards loses the game.
  • If the cards are equal for both the players, then the player or the person who has not paid the amount will win the hand and all the money too.
  • When a person selects the slideshow, the person who has the lower cards has to fold the cards forcefully.
  • And in terms of the equal cards, the asking person for the slideshow has to fold the cards.
  • If any refusal comes for the slideshow, then the person must bet again or fold the cards.
  • Just a situation arises like a person is playing blind and you want to have a show. There is a chance that you can ask him two times to have a slideshow with you.

So, as you have come across the basic and most important rules of the Teen Patti which every player must know. When he/she have a complete overview regarding this rules then only they can understand what is going on in the game.

Rankings of Hands in Teen Patti

There are several rankings of the combination of the cards which can give you the edge over others. When certain cards come, its rankings are set and it is according to that only. The Teen Patti is kind of poker only. So, the majority of the rules are like the poker only. The Teen Patti is also famous as the 3 card poker.

  • When three cards of the same rank come with a person, it is the highest rank. The Trail is a proper term in which 3 similar rank cards come. 3 aces are the best cards and 3 2’s are the worst in terms of trails.
  • The next rank is there for three successive cards from the same suit. The name of the rank is Pure Sequence.
  • When three consecutive cards are there but they are not from the same suit, then it is the Straight Sequence.
  • If three cards come from a single suit but not in proper and sequence, it is the Color or Flush.
  • When two cards of the same rank come in the sequence, then it is the Pair of the cards. The duo of higher value creates the chances of winning the pot.
  • But when any of the cards are not in sequence then the highest card is compared with each other. The person who has the highest card wins the lot.

These are the main rankings of the sequences used in the Teen Patti. People must keep in mind while playing the game as some important bet will miss out. Having these things in mind will definitely sort many things. Also, you will get to experience many more things apart from these things.

Teen Patti Download on PC

One can also play the game on the mobiles as well as computers and laptops also. The reach of the game is spread all over the Indian Subcontinent. In Southern-West Asia the demand of the game is increasing day by day. If a person wants to play or access the game from the computer, he/she must need to follow some of the steps. The steps are present in the upcoming section.

  • First of all, download the Bluestacks from the laptop or computer in the device. As Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators and the software is very useful. We need to download the software as soon as possible.
  • When the download is over, then install the software in your device. It will take some moments depending on the speed of your internet.
  • After the software is there, then it will generate an icon on the screen and you can search in it anything you want.
  • Now, search for ‘Teen Patti’ on the search bar present on the screen.
  • After that, as the search gets over, download the game. The storage of the game will take place in the device itself.
  • So now, you can easily play the game on the device whenever you want.

We have to follow the procedure to play the game directly from the Personal Computer or Laptop. Once you close the Bluestacks then the game will close automatically. You need to double tap it one more time and the game will launch on its own.

So, to draw the curtains, we have come across the features and rules of the Teen Patti. Moreover, we had a look at the various rankings of the Teen Patti. And finally, we had a look on the download procedure of the game in the computers as well as the laptops. We hope that we have provided you with enough information regarding the popular and famous game Teen Patti.