System App Remover – Delete those Unnecessary System Applications

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People feel that it is really frustrating with the problem that they are having many applications from which some are useless. It does not serve any purpose for the person to keep the apps and ultimately it ends up storing extra space in the mobile phones. System App Remover helps in removing the system apps and clear the storage area of the mobile phone.

The basic need to have this app on your device is that we have to root the phone in which you want to have this app. Once you root the app, you need not worry. This app can easily remove the app from the device. The devices which are there usually consumes the resources and it directly affects the performance of the phone.

Rooting the device is a very simple task and a person can easily find a number of apps on the internet. All you have to root the device and then start neglecting other waste apps.

Features of System App Remover

There are a number of apps which are not on the requirement list of the user. The user doesn’t use it for once in the whole year. This app can easily remove the app which is inbuilt and is of no use. Apart from this, there are several other features of this app. Moreover, they can enjoy this when they root the phone. This application is mainly for the users who root their devices. It does not give satisfactory results in a non-rooted device.

Specifications “System App Remover”
Latest Version 4.1.1
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 3.3 MB
Last Updated 30 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

App is safe

This app is very safe and one can use it without any hesitation. One should not worry at all as it does not contain any malware. They have tested it on many devices and it is has proven that it is very safe and there is no issue to use it. There are several modifications and they cannot guarantee it. But we have not seen any problem occurring until now. Furthermore, they try to keep a backup of all the apps which the user has uninstalled. We can say that it is safe overall.

It is clear

The interface is very simple and effective. Also, the different type of people uses it so it should be easy going. We can clearly state that what has to keep and what not. This is not all complicated and one can easily identify the process once he starts using it. So, it is one of the amazing features of this app.

Easy process

The process is very easy and convenient. One can easily remove any of the inbuilt application from his device in a very easy manner. The person will definitely attract by this feature as there will be no complex procedure to remove the applications from the mobile phones. Moreover, the person should definitely try this app to empty the unwanted apps from his mobile.


This app is capable of releasing the all the memory from the device and it doesn’t care about the size of the app. It easily clears every KB of the data from the phone’s storage capacity. Not a single file is present there in the phone after the removal of the app and it won’t consume any space.

Move Apps

We can easily move the app from the phone storage to any other source like an external SD card. Moreover, without the app, it is not possible to do this and it is a good advantage. If the person roots the phone, he can easily transfer multiple or more than one apps from one location to other.

So, these were the basic and good features of the System App Remover and one can avail easily. The users must remember a thing that rooting the device will always help you in getting more and quick services from the app. The app stops hardly when it is running in a rooted device.

How to Download System App Remover from Official Links

There are several platforms from which we get the option to download the game and the most trustable option is to download it from Google Play Store. We have to follow a step by step procedure to download the software from the Android App Market. There is also the other option that we can easily download it in the  APK format. There is hardly any change from the app we get from App market or in the form of the APK.

  • First of all, take any Android device in which you have to install the app and remove inbuilt old apps which we hardly use.
  • Then, make sure you root your device and if u have not, then do it. This app is possible to download if the person has a root device. Many rooting apps are available on the internet and one can easily root their device.
  • After rooting the device, the person has to open the Google Play Store on their devices.
  • When you open the device, you will see a search bar on the top side of the screen.
  • In that area, type the name of the app which you want to download into your device.
  • As soon as the name appears on the screen, tap on the download option which is present on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • The app will start downloading on the screen and it will possibly take some time depending upon the speed of the internet.
  • Once the download is over, the installing process will begin. After some time, the icon of the app is present on your mobile screen. This is the clear indication that the app is ready to use.

So, these were the basic steps which we need to keep in mind while downloading it from the Google Play Store. The whole procedure is an easy procedure. Make sure that the internet access is stable throughout the process.

System App Remover APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The system will accept the application if you download it in the form of APK. If you download System App Remover in the form of APK, the system will run smoothly and it won’t hamper it. It is suitable for any Android version and also consumes less space in the device storage. There is a less chance that it won’t work after downloading. It won’t affect the RAM of your device and work like it is a normal application.

In some scenarios, it also encourages the processor and even boosts up the speed. They update the app on a regular basis and one can easily update it as soon it releases. Updating the app will resolve some of the problems and they can even also add new features to the game. The app will run smoothly and one has updated it on a regular basis. Moreover, the installing process is very simple and have no complicated interface.

Ways for non-rooted devices

If there is an issue that the device won’t work or accept the app then, there are options to handle it in the other manner. We cannot delete the app, but we can disable it and it acts the same way that we have uninstalled it. It is basically for the older versions of Android phones. But according to me, this is not a great option and I personally do not recommend it. One should remove it from the phone rather than going for the ‘Disable’ option.

After doing so, you will not see the app on your phone in the menu list. But it will be always there in your background. It will not take the space in your device.

So, all in all, we came across the features of the app whose name is System App Remover. After that, we moved on to the official downloading platforms and the procedure to download it. Later on, we saw the data regarding the APK format and how we can download it. Finally, we came on the topic of how to deal with the devices which we cannot root.