About APK Signed

  • A signed APK works on all Android devices (rooted and non-rooted). In many cases, a signed APK is the only file the mod publisher provides, as it works for everyone.

    1. Uninstall the original game/app.
    2. Download the MOD APK.
    3. Install the downloaded MOD APK.
    4. Enjoy.

    Quest and Answer :

    • Can you log in to Google? NO
    • Can you log in to Facebook? YES
    • but you need to remove the Facebook app from your device. Can you log in to certain game accounts (e.g., E-Mail, HIVE, Kakao)? YES

    If you’ve used our previous MOD APK and just want to update, you can install the new MOD APK over the old one without first uninstalling the game/app. In-app purchases are impossible on signed APKs because they require Google services similar to the Google login process.