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Movie Streaming apps are a dime a dozen these days and you can’t probably check them all out to know which one’s the best. So here we are with a great app that will be the answer to all your streaming worries. Showbox for Android is actually one of the few streaming apps that are free and actually worth having on your phone. So, have a look at this absolute gem and you will love no other streaming app.

Android has now evolved to the level where it has replaced many devices of daily use. For example, people don’t need a watch or an alarm clock due to smartphones. Gone are the days where you need a walkman or an MP3 player to play your favorite songs. And now, you don’t need a TV or a DVD to watch your favorite movies or shows.

You just need Showbox, which has all your favorite Hollywood movies and Shows. We will show you how to download and install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet and also tell you what you’re going to get with the app.

Features of Showbox

Showbox boasts a variety of features that you may or may not find in other streaming apps. The biggest plus point it has over its paid competitors is that it is totally free. Well, except for the ads that pop up every now and then and annoy the hell out of you. Apart from that, Showbox is one great app and we totally recommend you should check it out.

Specifications “Showbox”
Latest Version 3.1.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 17 MB
Last Updated 17 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Free Streaming

That sounds good, ain’t it? Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services charge a hefty fee for their services. You gotta pay monthly or yearly to view those Movies, Shows, and all the other stuff. But with Showbox, you don’t have to pay even a single penny. Unless you wanna remove the ads. Other than that, you won’t find any hidden charges or in-app purchases. You can stream all the Movies, Shows, Animes, and Cartoons that you want for free. Just select a Movie or an Episode from a show and then tap on it. On the next page, simply tap “Watch Now” once the page has completely loaded. Sit back and Enjoy streaming.

Features of Showbox

Download for offline use

Showbox lets you download content for offline use. This feature comes in handy when you’re running low on data or when you’re away from home. Then you can download a Movie or some episodes to watch on the go or when you don’t have an internet connection. When you select a Movie or anything, just tap on the download button below the Watch Now button and then select the resolution. That’s it. Now you can go to the Downloads section and see your progress. Showbox also lets users pause a download and pick up later from where they left off. Pretty convenient, I reckon.

Easy to use

Showbox has a very elegant design which will make you fall in love with it the first time you see it. It has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate around the app. All the sections are beautifully laid out and easily accessible. The menu can be opened from the left side of the screen and then you can proceed to enter the section you want.

Unlimited Content

Well, there’s a limit to everything except for the universe and human stupidity. All jokes aside, Showbox has a library which is virtually endless. You’ll never get to the end of the huge treasure trove of content that it offers. On top of Movies and Shows, you can also stay updated with the News of the entertainment world. Get access to the hottest trailers across town as soon as they are released online. Add content to the favorites section because you’re going to watch them again.

These features don’t make all of Showbox because there are still some left. This app has it all. From Action and Comedy to Horror and Romance, you can find content from all genres. You can even filter out content based on their popularity, ratings, date, and year. We’ll leave the rest of the features for you to find out for yourself when you use Showbox.

Download Showbox from Official Links

How to Install Showbox from Official Links

Installing Showbox is the easy part. But getting the right APK file from the internet is the difficult part. If you don’t know, Showbox isn’t available on the Play Store due to some obvious reasons. So, we’re going to have to download its APK file in order to install it manually. But don’t worry, because we have found the perfect source for you to get it.

  • Before going to the download procedure, you need to change some settings.
  • Go to the Settings Menu and then open Security.
  • There you will find the Unknown Sources option which you have to enable.
  • Turn it on and then move on to the download procedure.
  • Click on this link to go to the download page of Showbox.
  • Once you reach the page, tap on the Download button.
  • The download will start immediately and you will have the APK shortly.
  • Pull down the notification shade and tap on the APK file.
  • Android OS will now install Showbox.

The installation will be over before you know it and then you can open the app right after it has been installed. The APK method is the only way to get Showbox on Android.

Showbox APK: Will it Work After Download & Install

This is a question you must ask yourself once you’re done installing an app. Or better, before you install the app. Do that because we have an answer for you. We can only say that the app will work on your device if you follow what we say.

Showbox APK_ Will it Work

The first thing, your device should have Android 4.0 and above to run Showbox smoothly. Second, the device must have enough space to store the app and its data. Third, only download it from reliable sources like the one we have given here; since the app doesn’t have an official website.

Is it safe to use?

In the end, it all boils down to this one thing when we’re talking about free streaming apps. Free Streaming apps like Showbox have always been the center of controversy or debate. Because their sources for the content aren’t always legal. For example, some of the Movies are directly streamed through torrents.

That makes the streaming of such movies essentially illegal. The app isn’t available on the Play Store for reasons that are obvious. Showbox is essentially a pleasing interface over a way to let you watch pirated content. And the app also doesn’t have an official website where you can talk to the developers.

So, if there is an issue while using Showbox, you’re pretty much on your own. We recommend that you use this app only if you’re aware of what you’re dealing with. Becuase you’re walking a very thin line with apps like this. You can always find safer alternatives on the Play Store that offer affordable subscription rates.

This essentially completes our discussion and effectively making you understand the pros and cons of using this app. You know the features and how to install Showbox. So go ahead and do it already. For any issues you encounter with the app, contact APKJunky.