Sarahah – Send and Receive Anonymous Feedback from Your Friends

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There are many hits and wonders in the recent times in the fields of the online applications and digital technology. Many of them have reached new heights and gain instant success in no time. One such application is Sarahah. This application is basically from the lands of Saudi Arabia.

But later on, the founder thought it would create a magic if he can transform it into an application. And when he did, it actually created wonders and reached the top of the applications list. It does not reveal the identity of the person who is sending his views about another person.

People would have definitely heard of it if they are accessing Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Also, the app has collaborated with Snapchat and one can copy the URL and send the messages.

Features of Sarahah

This application has its existence for its creative approach rather than features. The creative idea of making the id’s unknown and not revealing the name while having opinions and messages was something this world has never seen before. Although, there are very fewer features about the app they are worth knowing.

Specifications “Sarahah”
Latest Version 1.0.8
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 5.8 MB
Last Updated 17 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
Status Publish

Anonymous messaging

Yes, it is true. Anyone who is having a valid email id can message or give a response about any other person with the help of this. All you need is the link of the person’s account on the social media platform. Both the people i.e the user and the non-user can comment on the account of the people.

Privacy features

The level of the privacy is not up to the mark. But we can say its decent too. A person can change the level of privacy according to its needs and can even hide the ID from the non-users too. They are on a level that they can’t compromise with the privacy level and the information of the people.

Bullying people

There is a possibility lot of bullying with the people on the anonymous messaging platforms. Though the app tries their best to protect the people from such people and they usually have got success in it. The users have to be safe and secure from the people who assassinate and targets the characters of the people.

Good thinking

The makers of the app thought it would create a good thing and a positive approach towards people and spread goodness throughout the world. The main aim was to create a positive professional and casual life among the people of the planet. The approach was to destroy the hate and spread the goodness and positivity.

Unique approach

The idea was very creative for creating this app. This is the main reason that it became a massive hit and touched the peak soon after its launch. The other developers should understand that high content is not the key to success. But one idea can be good to make an application work in the digital world.

So, these were the features which come along with the application. And this was the features or reasons, that why it gained immense popularity all of a sudden. They created this app to develop personally with the help of receiving constructive feedback about them on the website or application.


How to Download Sarahah from Official Links

There are majorly two sources for finding the application. One of them is the official application store and the other one is the APK format. The both are trustworthy and we have never seen any problem arising from the application which we download from different platforms. The step by step information on how we are going to download the application from the Google Play Store is present in the upcoming section.

  • Initially, take a device in which you have to download the application and connect it to the data connection or any good WIFI connection.
  • Then, tap the icon of the Play Store present on the phone and open it.
  • Search the app name in the taskbar which is there on the top side of the screen and the website will appear on the screen.
  • After that, click on the ‘Download’ button and the app will start downloading on the device.
  • We have to wait for some time and after a few moments, we will see that it is installing on our device.
  • Now, open the device and fill in the required data and the app is ready to use.
  • Moreover, you will start receiving the opinions and feedbacks when you share the link on the social media platforms.

If you are willing to comment or review on the other person, you are free to do it. The makers expect that when you receive comments about yourself then you take it in a positive manner and be constructive about it. It is possible to grow the friendship if the people give the honest review about each other.

Sarahah APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The option of getting the app on your device through APK is also possible. Furthermore, one can easily download it from the various platforms present on the internet. But we have to keep in mind that we should download the application from the trusted platforms only. Due to this, there is a less chance of getting the malware and other additional files on your mobile phone. Although we download it from the internet, it will work the same as the one which we have there from the Play Store.

The installation process is also very simple and one can easily do this stuff. But before having it in your phone, make sure you turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ from the settings menu. It is quite relevant to the app which we download from the official Play Store. Also, there is not all change in the features of the application when compared to each other. The most important aspect is that the app which we download from any platform is free of cost. But the users need to keep in mind that they are not having the feature in which we can reply to anyone’s comment.

Linking Sarahah to Facebook

There is an amazing that we can link the account of Sarahah to various websites and accounts. One of them is the popular website known as Facebook. The users of the app can also link their account to Facebook and notify other people and their friends to give their feedback. This will help you to gain popularity and many people will able to know about you.

  • On the primary basis, open the Facebook website or app and log in your account.
  • Now, open your profile from your account and tap on the edit profile option.
  • After that, tap on the option that states about info.
  • Go for contact info edit.
  • Then, we have to click on the option revealing Add Website.
  • Provide the information which they require and tap on the button mentioning ‘Save’.
  • Now, your Sarahah account is linked with the Facebook account.

So, these were the steps of the process of linking Sarahah to Facebook. The process is very simple and in most of the cases, there is not a problem at all. If you provide the correct information, there won’t be an issue for logging in.

To draw the curtains, we have seen that the features of the app are very appealing. After that, we came across the download process from the Google Play Store. Also, the process of gaining the application from the APK is also very simple. Finally, we came in contact with the method of connecting the account to the Facebook.