Reigns – Rule Your Own Monarchy with this Unique Startling Card Game

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Google Play hosts millions of apps and games. Most of the people only play games for a fleeting moment of entertainment or fun. But those aren’t the only games you can find on the Play Store. Some games like Reigns can make you make scratch your head sometimes. Because you ain’t going nowhere if you don’t think while playing it. The games is a strategy video game. Meaning you gotta think before you make a move.

Reigns is a completely new take on the strategy/card genre. This game places the player in the position of a Monarch ruling a kingdom. You can choose to be good and virtuous or bad and evil. The choice is up to you. Because whatever you do, can and will affect you at a later stage of the game.

The basic gist of the game is that you have the option to accept or reject suggestions from your advisors. Basically, the player has to swipe left or right on a card that depicts an advisor. We will explain how to play Reigns and also its features in the next sections.

Features of Reigns

“Reigns” is one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store. It will have you playing for hours and hours without end. You start out as a young king who is controlling his kingdom. You will have to make decisions while balancing the four aspects of the kingdom: the church, the people, the army, and the treasury.

Specifications “Reigns”
Latest Version 1.09
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APK Size 82.99 MB
Last Updated 27 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0+
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Reign your kingdom

This is the main objective of Reigns. You are a young king who has to take control of his kingdom and rule for as long as he can. The gameplay is somewhat like Choose your Adventure and it has Tinder like controls. When you are presented with decisions, you need to swipe right or left to make a decision. Any decision you make will affect the four aspects. And when any one of the four reaches the peak or completely depletes, your reign comes to an end. The most important thing is that you need to think things through. Or your reign as a King will come to an end abruptly.

Features of Reigns

Engage in Duels

Once you have started playing Reigns, you will have to engage in duels with some NPCs. There are occasional battles in the game and the gameplay also doesn’t change much. You still have to swipe cards in order to attack or defend yourself. The four aspects on the top of the screen are now replaced by a representation of your duel. Swiping right means to attack and left means to retreat or defend. When you swipe right or left and hold the card, you can see the preview in the top bar. So take time and consider before making your next move in the game of Reigns.


There are three objectives in Reigns that you need to complete during the rule of a king. Every time a kind dies, and the next one comes along with three objectives. There are a lot of different and weird objectives during the game. But as you will come to know, Reigns is full of surprises that you won’t even see coming. Sometimes you have to look for clues in the game and rely on your intuition to know when to complete an objective. Other times, the game will take you towards a path solely for the completion of an objective. At present, there is a total of 40 objectives in the game.

Effect Cards

Among the many great features of Reigns, there are effect cards that you will trigger some or the other time while playing the game. They pop-up occasionally in the game and affect the gameplay in different ways. The effects can vary from short term to long term. The cards can remain in effect until a king dies or until its time runs out. Or it can be as long as you play the game. There are a variety of effects cards and they appear in the bottom right corner as they are activated. There are only four slots down there, so the effects will stack up on each other if you let them. Actually, this is one of the best parts of the game.

This was a gist of the gameplay in a simple and comprehensible manner. When the reign of a king ends, he meets his demise at the hands of either of the four major aspects in the game that you had to balance.

Download Reigns from Official Links

How to Download Reigns from Official Links

Reigns for Android is one of the reigning games on the Google Play Store. So rest assured because it is available on the official Google Play Store. But the game ain’t free for download, so you gotta loosen up your wallet a bit. It costs $2.99 or ₹199 on the Google Play Store. Anyway, here is the official installation process for the Reigns game.

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Make sure you are signed in with your Google Account.
  • Now, tap on the search bar and then type in “Reigns” in the space.
  • Hit the search button on your keyboard to search for the game.
  • Once the search results appear, tap on the Reigns’ icon.
  • This will take you to the game’s download page.
  • There you will see the Install button with the price written on it.
  • Tap on it, enter your payment details and make the payment.
  • Once the payment goes through, the download will start on its own.

The download will be over and so will be the installation in a couple of seconds or a minute at most. The thing is that you need to have a speedy internet connection to improve the download speed.

Reigns APK: Will it work after Download & Install

The answer to this question depends on where you download the game from. We are using the official Google Play Store to install Reigns. So you can be sure that the game will definitely work and that too the way it is supposed to. If the app is not supported, Play Store won’t let you install it.

But if you have installed it, there is no way it would not work. The game is paid and some users don’t like to pay. So in order to get the game for free, they get the APK from some unreliable sources. If you’re one of them, then there is no guarantee that the app will work as it is supposed to.

Reigns History

Reigns History

The game was developed by Nerial, which is a London based game development studio. The lead developer of the game, François Alliot said that they wanted to mock the ways in which the society handles complexity. The game was released on August 11, 2017, for Android along with other platforms.

Upon release, the game received reviews that you can call generally favorable. Game critics praised the simplicity of the game’s control scheme and also noted its similarity to Tinder’s own swipe feature. “Reigns” was also nominated for the “Best Mobile Game” at Unity Awards and it won Ludicious Convention’s international convention.

Summing up this article on Reigns, we suppose you have understood most things about the game. This guide will help you out a lot when you play the game. For more information, visit us at APKJunky.