Puffin Browser – No More Waiting with this Wickedly Fast Web Browser!

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If a person wants to search or browse something, he directly goes to the internet browser. He directly inputs the data and the results are on the screen. It is one of the fine features that states that anything is just one click away from you and the one can easily access it. Puffin Browser is one of the many browsers which is lightning fast and have loads of features with it.

This Puffin Browser is for the mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows as well. Split Architecture is the system which lays on some of the load on the encrypted servers. They use this technology in the browser. The feature is very useful because the servers do half the work. Due to this, the web page loads faster and the bandwidth affects hardly.

With the help of this technology, a person can easily carry out many tasks at a time. The internet browser has an inbuilt Adobe Flash Player so that he can easily access the flash content on the internet.

Features of Puffin Browser

The browser is all about with features and helps the users for gaining the maximum benefits of it. But, the browser comes in two sets. One is a paid version and another is a free version. Both have a difference in between, which we are going to discuss in the upcoming article. There are so many exciting features which make Puffin Browser a great app to use.

Specifications “Puffin Browser”
Latest Version 7.5.3
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 19.3 MB
Last Updated 07 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Page loading speed is great

This is the main feature for which Puffin Browser is famous in the market. The rendering speed for loading the page is amazing and it helps a lot in carrying out work. This is possible due to the cloud computing only and the servers easily handle the massive chunk of information. Moreover, it is also helpful in saving the data and it can be a first choice of the people.

Free of cost

The Puffin Browser which is normal is available free of cost on the internet. It provides the basic function and accelerates the boost in the speed of the webpage loading.

Cost of browser

This is for the people who hate ads on the browser. This paid version is charging their money to eliminate the ads from displaying to the people. The cost is also nominal for this version of the browser. This saves a lot of time of the user and helps them to focus.

Colorful theme and sidebar

Yes, you heard that right. The panel has the amalgamation of various colors and its fusion too. The colorful display attracts us and attracts the user to explore its features. Furthermore, this aspect is something hardly any browser has done and it is a new thing.

Fastest Engine in Javascript

It is the fastest engine which runs on the Javascript system in the whole market. Additionally, it nearly operates around 5x times faster when a comparison is made to its nearest competitors. It has gained an excellent improvement in this field and far ahead of others.

The full experience like web

The browser has one more amazing feature which gives a proper view even on the phone as you get on the PC. Moreover, even the Gmail cannot access the same view on mobile like in PC. This is basically to cut down the data charges and high consumption of internet.

Mouse Keyboard

The mouse-keyboard is one of the new things from the browser point of view. The browser automatically helps the people to not use the mouse and do the work with the touchpad only. Even the people can also play the games on that browser with the help with it. We don’t have to attach an external mouse and any other device to operate it.

So, these are the features which make this Puffin Browser a well reputed and a must want software. Generally, people with the low usage of the browser usually recommend the free version of the browser. Also, the people who want to save money and use it wisely, prefer the free version of the browser.

How to Download Puffin Browser from Official Links

The application is a well-known app and it is also in a great demand. It is available on almost all the platforms and we can easily download the app on any of our devices. Moreover, there are some most trusted methods which we need to follow and we can gain access to the browser very easily. We will discuss the steps for downloading the browser on Android devices.

  • Primarily, we need to take a device in which we need to access the browser and download it.
  • Then, connect the device to the good internet connection or any trusted WIFI connection.
  • When you connect to it, then open the Play Store from the menu.
  • Then, search for the Puffin Browser in the search tab present on the top of the screen.
  • Once the search appears on the screen, tap on the ‘Download’ option.
  • When the download the app, it will start installing on your device.
  • After the installation process is over, an icon will present on the screen and it is the clear indication that the app is ready to use.

These were the simple steps for downloading the app on your Android device. It is very simple and a layman’s task. One can enjoy all the features and services after you download the app on your device.

Puffin Browser APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The APK’s are easily available on the internet and available from multiple sites. The main aspect is that it is easily available and also works like the app which a person downloads from the official app stores. The Puffin Browser is available on many sites but that doesn’t mean that you download from anywhere. You must take care and download from proper sites because there is a chance that malware and unwanted content may enter your phone.

The APK is one thing which works on every device and the installing procedure and even the downloading procedure is very simple and easy. The flash content is easily available on the browser which makes the work lighter. The quick browser provides the same speed same as the app downloaded from the app store.

Limitations of Puffin Browser

There are certain limitations which we need to understand about the Puffin Browser. Any application does not come without any flaws. There will always be flaws in any software. But, we should be able to overcome the limitations with the positive aspect and the positives should be more. Also, the barriers should not be a major one. It can create a bad reputation in the mind of the users.

  • The centers of the servers of the browser are located in the USA. So, the cloud system can only recognize the websites which are publically active. There is a huge chance that the private websites will not able to store the information.
  • There is no access to the local websites and content outside the USA. Moreover, there is a restriction on the geopolitical position and they cannot fetch the information.
  • Also, the website cannot work in China. They have blocked the website from the whole of China. It is blocked since 2012 due to some issues.
  • One should use free version before installing the paid version of the app. He should first use the 2-weeks free version of Adobe Reader on the trial period.

These were the limitations which the browser prevails. They are not any major flaws and these are not the ones which are going to affect much.

So, to draw the curtains for the current article, we have seen the features for the free as well as the paid versions. After that, the process of downloading the application from the Google Play Store on an Android device. We moved on to the APK format downloading and installing in your device. Finally, we saw certain limitations of the product. But none of them is a major one that can downgrade the product.