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The gaming sector is experiencing more and more active players from across the globe. This sudden rise is the effect of new and addictive multiplayer games. Multiplayer games let you play with other people around the world just by sitting at your place. In the recent years, multiplayer games have taken over the market. Even established giants like Rockstar is shifting towards online gaming. One such game responsible for this trend is, PUBG( Player Of the Battle Underground).

Released back in 2017 the game has taken over the market by surprise. It is based on the concept of battle royale. Compete with other and come on top. With an open map to play, an interesting game builds up, awesome graphics, a new taunt system, many avatars to choose or create a one for yourself the game is a blessing to gamers.

PUBG game

The game starts with you with other players in a hot air balloon. After some time the balloon passes over a map, you to select a perfect spot and jump from the balloon. As soon as you land you have to start collecting resources that will help you in the later stages of the game. Assemble a backpack, look for guns and ammunition, kill other and the last one standing wins.


Without taking a break lets to discuss what cool features you will experience while playing PUBG.

Specifications “PUBG Mobile”
Latest Version 0.7.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 1.6 GB
Last Updated 24 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
Status Publish

High-Quality Game Play


With millions of downloads, there should be something that attracts the gamers? the answer is an amazing high-quality gameplay and jaw-dropping experience. The game has 3 modes to play solo, duo, or in a team. The latter modes are more of team play and require tactics.

One of the things that I liked about the game is its 7.1 surround sound with an Immersive 3D sound effect. It would feel like you are in the middle of the action.


PUBG vehicles

Travel from one place to another in style by using the vehicles. PUBG has a rich set of vehicles ranging from bikes, trucks, minivan, to open jeeps. Use these vehicles to crush your enemy or chase them down. The vehicles are very useful when the time limit is low and you have to reach a destination.

Realistic Weapons


PUBG is constantly introducing new weapons in the game to make the gameplay more fun and interesting. Gamers love to feel the game, keeping this in mind PUBG has tried to make the weapons more realistic.

The throwable weapons create a realistic effect on point of contact. PUBG developers have also managed to develop nice trajectories to aim and throw the weapons making it an experience to kill your opponent.

Play With Friends

Wouldn’t it be fun if you can play PUBG with your friends? there is an option of team matchup too in PUBG. Team up with your friend, create tactics to outlast other teams, voice chat with them to coordinate properly in the team.

With friends playing is fun at a different level, disguising in the environment and developing an ambush is altogether a new experience.

Anti-Cheat Mechanism

A fair playing environment is all a multiplayer gamer would be looking for. To make sure everyone are on the same level and has same advantage PUBG has an anti-cheat mechanism. The features help to keep a code of conduct between all the player giving no advantage to a specific one by banning the cheat codes.


Emote system is the new feature in PUBG. With remote, you can make your character do certain moves that are predefined. This system brings a new way of communication between player and also not ruining the old essence of PUBG.

How to Download and Install PUBG from Official Links

PUBG is the most widely played game on the mobile these days. With its popularity spreading like a virus the game is all set to set new records. PUBG came to mobile in the March 2018, it is available for Android as well as for IOS. Follow these steps to download the game from google play store.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for PUBG.
  • The result should come on top of the pages.
  • Look for the app with a blue background and a character with a helmet on it.
  • Tap the icon, it will take you to the installation phase.
  • Click on install button the download will start.
  • Make sure you are connected to the WI-FI as the game is about 1.3 GB it will take time to install.
  • Once the game is installed you can start the application by tapping on the icon on your device.

There are some points to be kept in mind before installing the game. Make sure your device has a persistent internet connection and a 2GB free ram.

PUBG APK: Will it work after Download and Install

PUBG is a high graphics quality, and the gameplay is really smooth. If you download the game from trusted vendors like play store then there would not be a single issue while running the game. Do follow the steps mentioned above and do not download the application from an unreliable source.

Also, make sure that your device has a minimum version required for the application to run if the Android OS is not compatible then the application would not run. Free up a space of about 2 GB and close all the application while playing the game for better performance. All the devices cannot support the game, we will provide a list of devices at the end of the article to make the work easy for you.


PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game, which was created by PUBG a South Korean company under the name of ‘Bluehole’. Taking the inspiration from the movie BattleRoyale, the creators mold it into a fun playing game. With its beta version released on March 2017, the company was all set to make it a full running game on December 2017.

Firstly, it was released for Microsoft Windows and in the same month for X-BOX one. After a huge success, the game was launched for mobile by Tencent games in the March 2018. With new features on the way, the game is all set to break the barriers and set new records.

Once in a decade, a game comes and people are all over it in few months. One such game is PUBG, with its gameplay idea and realistic graphics the game is a must play-game. Attracting the whole gaming community across the globe it has brought a whole new experience in gaming.

We hope that this brief article on PUBG helps you to get a proper insight into the features and also will also help you to make your gameplay even better.

Do tell us your experience, after playing the game in the comment section below.

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