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The current generation of the world is more into the web series and watching the movies online. This trend is very famous among the teenagers and the youngsters of this generation. Also, people stream the things when any new series or episodes arrive on the website. But, all the people do not like to pay the subscription of the website or channel. So, they download it from torrent. The Popcorn Time is one such website that provides torrent as well as stream the videos.

It is a free source to the videos or the episodes which require the subscription or any amount to avail the series. Also, the media have also praised the website and it is growing rapidly in this sector. Some of the people have also compared it to the big player Netflix.

We should not forget that the website is available in 44 languages which is itself a huge achievement. The whole coding is present in three different computer languages. They are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Popcorn Time

Features of Popcorn Time

People are considering the application due to its features. Also, they are far more advanced than other websites. The whole website hardly took some weeks to built and after that, it is going on and on. One of the thing that we look up to is that in how many operating systems it is present. We do not have to worry at all as it is present in Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux as well. There are several features that we need to keep in mind.

Specifications “Popcorn time”
Latest Version
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APK Size 62.5 MB
Last Updated 21 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
Status Publish

Great catalog

The catalog is one such thing that one cannot move his eyes from. It is present in the form of the tiles and boxes which is very simple and amazing. It features all the new movies and series which are trending now in the market. They update the website as soon as anything movie or series is out. The selection of the developers is great as they keep the latest ones in the beginning.

Latest and good movies

On the Popcorn Time, there is a collection of the most trending and loved movies. The developers accumulate all the data from different sites and present the best quality to the viewers. It provides the data in the best possible way and the resolution will be great among all the sites to the people.

Minimal restrictions

There are no restrictions in watching any of the videos, TV shows, or any movies. Also, there are no charges in the website to stream anything. One can watch any shows or any movies whenever and where ever he wants. Moreover, everything is able to stream so one can also able to stream online.


The Popcorn Time saves a lot of time of the user. It is not mandatory that one has to download the video to watch and occupy the storage in the mobile phones. But, a person can easily watch anything on the multimedia player. And, there is no tension to the user if he is running out of data pack.

High standards

The website is very well accessible that it provides everything a viewer requires. They provide the best quality videos in HD. Additionally, they can also shift to any of the resolutions whenever they want. In Popcorn Time, one gets the subtitles with almost all the videos and TV series.

So, these were the basic features due to which the website is well-known. It is, in fact, strange that very fewer sites are as good as Popcorn Time. Also, it is available in almost every operating system and every device may support it.

Popcorn Time Guide

How to Download Popcorn Time from Official Links

The app is present on numerous platforms and one can easily download it in the device. In the beginning, the app was available on Google Play Store. But, later it was not present in the Android Play Store. The main reason is that the app provides the pirated data. Although it works on the technology of bit torrent which is legal, it is not ethical to download the pirated data.

  • First of all, take a device in which one has to download the particular app whose name is ‘Popcorn Time’.
  • After that, the person has to connect the device to the internet data pack or the WIFI connection.
  • Then, search the app in any of the browsers which are present in your device. Check for the best possible APK file on the internet.
  • Now, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option which is very necessary for the further processes.
  • After that, go to the browser again and download the APK file on your device.
  • It will take some time and once it is over then tap to ‘Install’ button displaying on the screen.
  • Once you do that, then an icon will display in the menu of the app which is the clear indication that we can use it whenever we want.

So, these are the steps which we require to download the Popcorn Time on our mobile phones. This app always proves very handy and helps everyone to not miss out a single episode of TV series or much-awaited movies. They provide these things which zero cost charges with no compromise in quality.

Popcorn Time APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The apps are very risky when we download it in the form of the APK. It is improving on the daily basis for the users to get the best out of it. As the days pass, the users are increasing. There is hardly any downfall noticed in the usage of this website. The features and the advantages, both are similar in the usage of macOS and Android. The search does no limits for the users and they love using this app as it has indefinite boundaries.

Moreover, there is a thing which we need to be cautious above. This dangerous thing is the malware which has a tendency to enter your device when we download the app on the phone. There is no issue if we want to access Popcorn Time APK from our mobile phones. It always runs smoothly on the phone and does not hamper the system of the phone. There is a chance of saving some of the files on the gadget that you are using. So, it is best to delete the temporary files from the mobile phones.

Popcorn Time App

Unblock Popcorn Time with a proxy

It is possible to unlock it with the help of a proxy website. If a person is unable to use VPN or he does not want it to cover the use of the application, then there is a possibility to use proxy forever. The VPN is always considered as one of the best options. This is it when we compare two similar kinds of technologies and considering the best result. They are able to encrypt your data and it is more trustworthy than any other option.

All these secure you and your data from the external means. When you have to unblock the things which are already blocked, you can always consider proxy in your mind. They are the mediator in between the gadget and the online connection. They cover your IP address and save the gadget from the online swarms.


So, to draw the curtains of the article, we saw the features of the Popcorn Time. After that, we came to know about the downloading process as a step by step procedure. The process was about downloading the app in the APK format. Later on, we discussed the important facts and points needed to know about the usage of the app from the APK format. This data is very important to use the app. Lastly, we came in contact about unlocking the website with the help of a proxy.