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There are several games around the world which attracts people towards itself. Also, the people develop addiction towards it and play the game the whole day. Youngsters and teenagers are prone to play the game rather than the aged people. One of the game have which grabbed the attention of lots of people in the recent time is Pokemon Go. It is a fact that it is one of the biggest hits in the gaming industry.

The game is present on every platform now but in the beginning, it was only present in some of the countries only. The game is free to play but it contains in-app purchases which the people need to buy if they are willing to. There was a mixed emotional review by the critics towards the game. The concept of the game was very nice but they compromised on the technicality of the game.

Pokemon Go is termed as the augmented reality and location-based game. The downloading of the game exceeded around 800 million combining all the platforms.

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Features of Pokemon Go

There are various features which make the game better than others. The original concept and extremely nice features make this game a must play the game for the teenagers. The game was present in the market on the 6th of July 2016. And after that, there have been many improvements and features adding in it. With the help of its gameplay, Pokemon Go made a strong impact in the industry of games. The features are present and explained in the upcoming article.

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Latest Version 0.111.3
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Last Updated 21 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
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There are many events occurring in the game as the year progresses. This will help the players and the users to gain more Pokemon and make a strong army. These events come with the additional benefits of giving extra stardust and candies to the user for catching new Pokemon, Also, the player gets more XP bonuses when he/she catches the new creature at the time of the event going on.

Buddy System

In this feature of the game, the player can choose any Pokemon to be their buddy. If the user walks, then the buddy will also walk in the game. Due to this, the creature will also earn candies when they both walk on the map. Try to have a Pokemon with max CP or evolution power, so it can be advantageous for the user.


It is one of the newest features of the game in the recent times. The introduction of the feature to the game on the June 23rd. It is a feature that helps the users to acquire and take down a big and giant Pokemon of any gym. The CP of the Pokemon must be 20,000 or more than that. In this thing, more than one user can combine and raid on the creature. The standard length of the fight is around 45 minutes. Earlier, it was 1 hour.


The weather plays an important role in the gameplay of the person. The introduction of the dynamic feature took place in December 2017. The weather in the reality at your area will reflect the same in the game as the mobile phones are having connectivity to the GPS system. The spawning of the Pokemon will be more in the suitable conditions like the tendency to find the water Pokemon in the rain is very high. There will be no negative impacts of the weather change.

New AR Plus Feature

This feature is very much in talk for this game. This feature is going to land in the iOS system soon. This gives a good visibility of the Pokemon with the surroundings or the environment. The user can easily see the Pokemon and understand the structure of the Pokemon. The interaction looks of the creatures will be changing and enhancing.

Pokemon GO Community Day

The developers of the game are declaring one day of the month as the Community Day for Pokemon Go. It will last for 3 hours in the whole day. Some of the benefits of an amazing new Pokemon will feature in the game for the limited amount of time. The players in the city will come together and play the game and gain the maximum benefits from it.

So, these are the features of the very popular game in the market for the past two years. It has been in the top position for numerous times and gains a lot of fame in the short period of time. But, there is stopping of the features as the company is planning to introduce more features in the coming times.

How to Download Pokemon Go from Official Links

There are several platforms on which the game is available and one can download it on their devices. One has to just download the game and fill in the details and start playing by enabling the GPS system of the device. Most of the people are willing to play on the Android devices and enjoy it to the fullest. The step by step procedure of downloading the game in the mobile phone is present in the upcoming section.

  • First of all, take a device and access to the internet or connect to WIFI in which you have to play the game.
  • Now, open the Google Play Store in the device and see the search bar which is present on the top of the screen.
  • After that tap the taskbar, and mention the name of the game ‘Pokemon Go’ in the space given to you.
  • Once, you mention the name the device will start finding it and it will present the game in some amount of time.
  • Moreover, click on the ‘Download’ option and the game will start downloading in your device.
  • After some amount of time, the downloading of the game is over and the game is installing on your device. It will take some amount of time depending upon the Android version in your phone.
  • Once the icon is available on the menu screen of the mobile device, the game is ready to play and the user can enjoy it.

These were the basic steps of how to download the game and one can follow it. It is available free of cost and the requirement of only internet and GPS is there to play the game. However, one must take care that the game is very addictive and the user should avoid its frequent use.

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Pokemon Go APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

As we all know that the game is available on almost every platform. So, one can download it from anywhere. It totally depends on the device which the player is using. The APK format is only available for the users of the Android systems. But as we know that people also download the game from Google Play Store as well. There is no difference when people download it from any platforms.

There are multiple sites online on which the game is available in the APK format. The person can download it from any of the sites. But, we should avoid downloading it from any of the websites and prefer the one that we know personally and rely on it. It is because that there is a chance that it may contain malware in it. However, there is no problem in using the APK format and it functions and works very smoothly in any of the devices.

Pokemon go app

Criticisms and Incidents

We all have come across the cases of the havoc created by Pokemon Go. People used to play like anything and ultimately it lead them to serious problems. The game has even used places like memorials and cemeteries to catch the Pokemon. People criticised the game very heavily on this basis. People even entered the railway station and fire station to catch the Pokemon. Even Lodging of complaint took place against these insane people. Ultimately, it leads to the traffic violation, congestion, littering in the excessive amount, and multiple noise complaints.

Trespassing in various type of properties took place and the police force even took serious actions regarding this. Several cases and reports were into consideration like driver crashing a woman while playing the game. Also, countries like Japan have considered it a national threat. Many Muslim dominated countries have declared it as a mode of gambling and urged the people not to play it. India also filed a notice as the game was putting eggs in the religious locations and hurting the sentiments of the people. But India never banned the game.


So, all in all, we have come across the features of Pokemon Go in this article. After that, the downloading procedure from the Google Play Store as it is the official link for the people using the Android devices. Later on, we checked that one can download the game from the APK format and does it work in the mobile devices. It is compatible with almost every type of the Android devices. And lastly, we saw the criticisms the game have faced. Also, the fatal incidents took place while playing the game.