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Nowadays, streaming your favorite Movies, Shows, and Channels has become a lot easier due to streaming app. But as you know, it ain’t as easy as you would think. Netflix is the undisputed king in the online streaming market but it isn’t free. Also, similar apps that let you watch your favorite channels aren’t also free on the Google Play Store. Live NetTV is one of the great free apps for streaming live channels.

Cable TV is what most people use for watching TV channels and Movies and stuff. But, streaming channels online allow you to watch whatever you like, whenever you like. Live NetTV App has a very huge library of live channels from all over the world. You can also watch Movies on Demand, Live Events, Shows, and much more with the Live NetTV App.

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We will explain the features of the Live NetTV app in the next section in detail so that you can understand what the app is about. The app is available only for the Android platform and also it is free to download and use.

Features of Live NetTV

Live NetTV is one of the best Live Streaming Apps for the Android platform. Not only does it let you watch Movies and Shows, it also allows you to watch all your favorite channels. On top of that, the app is completely free to install and use so you don’t have to worry about anything. Here is a list of all the features of the Live NetTV App.

Specifications “Live NetTV”
Latest Version 2.4
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 4.3 MB
Last Updated 27 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 3.1+
Status Publish

Free Streaming

The Live NetTV APK allows users to watch Movies, Shows, Cartoons, News, and much more through channels. These are the same channels that you watch on your TV set. There are channels from a lot of countries that you can watch regardless the one that you are living in. All the channels on Live NetTV App are classified according to genres and then sub-divided by the country they are from.

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Apart from watching TV Shows and News and stuff on Live NetTV, users can also watch Movies on demand. You can find all the latest movies in the Live NetTV Video on Demand section. This Video-on-Demand section is currently new, so the library is still small. But you will find most of the latest movies on there such as Deadpool 2, Avengers Infinity War, and more. You just have to select a Movie and then you can start streaming it in the best quality the Live NetTV App has available.

How to watch

Once you have the app on your Android device, you will be able to watch any channel that you want. Live NetTV has different categories for all the channels such as Entertainment, News, Sports, Movies, Music, Documentary, Kids, etc. Tap on one of these and you will see channels from different countries. Simply tap on the channel you want to watch and select a player to stream it from. If you can’t find the channel you are looking for, just use the Live NetTV search tool to find it and then watch it from there.

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There are Live Events that you can watch in real time as they are happening. Open the Live NetTV app and then tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner. Form the menu, tap on Live Events and you will see a list of all the ongoing and upcoming Live Events and Shows.


When you install the Live NetTV APK and install it for the first time, default settings are applied. However, you can change them from the Settings option from the main menu. First of all, you can lock the Settings menu or you can set a password so that anyone else doesn’t mess with your preferences. Furthermore, you can also change the font style for the channel names.

Another thing you can do is to choose the order in which the Live TV tabs are arranged. You can hide categories of channels, countries, and also in the VOD section in Live NetTV App. It allows you to set a default player for streaming. Moreover, you can disable notifications and also select the default streaming quality.

How to Download Live NetTV from Official Links

Live NetTV App is available on the Android platform and it is free to download and use. But it is not available on the Google Play Store where you download most of your apps and games. But you can get the Live NetTV APK file from the official website which is

Once you reach the Live NetTV website, you only have to tap on the download link on the Homepage. After the download is complete, find the APK file in the File Manager and tap on it. This will install the app on your Android smartphone or tablet and then you can start live streaming for free. Remember that you have to turn on Unknown Sources in Privacy Settings to install third-party apps like this one.

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Live NetTV APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

Any app that you install has certain requirements that your device must have if you want to use it. For starters, your device should be Android 4.0 or above. And you must download the latest version of the Live NetTV APK file from the official website, which we have mentioned above. If you download the APK file from any other source, there are chances that it might not work.

Usually, the APK found on other third-party sites are similar but some of them are riddled with malware or virus. So you should just stick to the official website to make sure that Live NetTV App will work after download and install.


Live NetTV App is not something that has been around for many years. But it has made quite the impact on folks that like to watch online TV. Mainly because it is free, but it also has a catalog of more than 800 live channels. So, it goes to say that it doesn’t have much history to its name because it hasn’t been that popular.

With this, we have explained most of the things about the Live NetTV App. You won’t find a live streaming app that is this good and also free at the same time. You now know how to download and install the app and also how to use it. We’re sure that you’ll like the features once you’ve read about them. Post any questions you have on APKJunky.