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Most of the teenagers and young peeps today own a smartphone or tablet. It is not uncommon to see people with their eyes fixated on their mobile screen for hours at a stretch. With all the apps and games available through the official app stores, you can find some truly great ones you look carefully enough. You surely know about the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. But there are also alternate App Stores like HiPStore where you can find great apps and games.

You may have heard about third-party or alternate app store from someone or the other. These are app stores that offer apps and games just as the Play Store or the iOS App Store. The only difference is that it has some great features that the official ones don’t.

Today, you are going to get a glimpse of what HiPStore is all about as an alternate app store. We are also going to see what the app’s features are and also how you can get the app on your Android or iOS device.


Features of HiPStore

HiPStore is a third-party app store which you can use to download and install your favorite apps and games on your Android or iOS devices. The main feature of this app is that all the apps and games are 100% free. You can even get the paid apps and games for free. Below are the features of HiPStore that we have explained in detail.

Specifications “HiPStore”
Latest Version 1.0.8
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 11.73 MB
Last Updated 29 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0+
Status Publish

Free Apps and Games

The primary objective of alternate app stores is to provide all apps and games for free. The ones which are paid on the Play Store or the iOS App Store are also available for free on HiPStore. All you have to do is install the app store and then install whatever you like from its extensive library. HiPStore itself is free to install and use and you won’t find any in-app purchases whatsoever. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Huge Library

With HiPStore, you get a huge library of free apps and games. The app even houses some of the best third-party apps that you won’t find on the official App Stores. With this app store, you can easily find any app that you want. You can access the App Store directly from its website or by downloading and installing it on your device. There are different categories for games and apps with sub-categories such as Newest, Top Download, Hot, and Collection. All the titles in the App Store are categorized according to genres.

Manga and Ebooks

Consider this a bonus as you can read Mangas and Ebooks directly from HiPStore. However, this feature is only available for Android users and not iOS users. Mangas are Japanese comic books that you can find by tapping on the Manga tab in on the home screen of HiPStore App Store. Next to it is the Ebooks section. What you have to do is simply tap on the Manga and it will show a description and an option to start reading it. Tap “Read” and you can then start reading it by selecting a chapter. EBooks can be downloaded directly but you need a separate app to read them.

These were the highlight of the HiPStore App Store. You will find new features when you install and start using the app.

HipStore apk

How to Download HiPStore from Official Links

As you know, HiPStore is a third-party app marketplace so it won’t be available on either the iOS Store or the Play Store. This is because Google doesn’t allow alternative app stores on the Play Store. And the same goes for Apple. So, you’re gonna have to download HiPStore APK from another source, which happens to be its official website.

  • Open the official website of HiPStore from this link on your phone or tablet.
  • It will either show the iOS or Android page of the App Store.
  • In the top-right corner of the page, you will see the Android and iOS tabs.
  • Tap on either one of them depending on the device that you use.
  • You will see the list of apps and games according to your platform.
  • Now, scroll down and tap on Android or iOS to download the setup file.
  • Once the download is complete, install HiPStore by using the file.
  • The installation can take some time, usually from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

Once the installation is complete, you need to open HiPStore from the app drawer or from the home screen. After that, you can start installing all your favorite apps and games.

HiPStore APK, will it work after Download and Install

For an app to work properly on a device, it should have proper specifications that meet the requirements of the app. If it doesn’t, then there are chances that it may not work as it is supposed to. And also the source from where you download the APK must be credible and reliable. That is nothing to worry about as the source here is the official website.

Google Play isn’t an option so you have to rely on the official website. It is the most official source for downloading the HiPStore APK. In most cases, the downloaded APK will work perfectly fine, but you should remember not to use any unreliable sources and websites to fetch the APK file.


Is HiPStore safe?

Most of the times, third-party and alternate App Stores are safe to use. But downloading paid apps for free can’t exactly be called legal. Moreover, the app is available in the Vietnamese language, so you will have a bit of a hard time navigating around. However, you can change the language so it shouldn’t be a problem.

And as we discussed the credibility of the source, you should download the APK file from its official website and not any other source. As APKs may contain virus or malware when the source isn’t all too reliable and you are not familiar with it.

This brings us to the fact that we have explained most information about HiPStore. It serves as an alternative to the official App Stores such as Google Play and the iOS App Store. You should check it out if you like trying out new apps that aren’t available on the official app stores. For more information, visit APKJunky.