GTA San Andreas – Most Wicked Gangster City Game Ever!

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GTA San Andreas has been launched for Android as well as for IOS in 2014. Many of the readers are familiar with this name, right? if you are not familiar, then just let me give you a little intro to the name.

Better known as the game of 2004 for PS2 and Pc, developed by none other than Rockstar itself. Rockstar games do not require any introduction. With GTA as its trademark game, the company is one of the best when it comes to gaming. Rockstar has never been so big as GTA San Andreas.

The game revolves around a character named Carl who is returning to its birthplace San Andres for the funeral of his mother. Previously Carl and his brother were members of a street gang but after some issues, Carl left the city and moved to Liberty City.

When Carl comes back he sees that the hood is in danger and other gangs are trying to capture the Groove Streets (area of Carl gang). Carl decides to stay in the city and makes efforts to make the gang back to its feet.

With plenty of action, amazing storyline, an open map gameplay where you can steal anyone’s car, fight with anyone, buy a house, and even have a girlfriend too. With such amazing gameplay, awesome graphics this game is surely a feast for gamers.

Although the game is not free, buying it for some cash is not a bad deal either.

Features Of GTA San Andreas

Let us take a look at some of the exceptional and amazing features San Andreas has introduced to the gaming era.

Welcome to City of San Andreas

GTA San Andreas

When you start the game you will find yourself in the beautiful city of San Andreas which on a first look seems more like California. GTA San Andreas is more of a state made up of 3 cities with desert and countryside.

Specifications “GTA San Andreas”
Latest Version 10.200
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 2.62 GB
Last Updated 28 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

You will have to complete a variety of mission in all these 3 cities to proceed forward in the story. Moreover, Rockstar has some of the larger mountains to complement the desert and countryside which gives an awesome look at daytime.

The area of the map has been increased considerably giving you the freedom to move freely on the map. Moreover, all these large involvement of graphics does not reduce the minute details that you can observe during gameplay. The lightning enhancement, the enriched color palette, and character model.

Even if you don’t feel like playing a mission you can always roam freely on the map, stealing cars or bikes, playing mini-games etc.

Moving from place X to Y

GTA San Andreas

Vehicles are a big part of GTA and many of the people play the game just to have fun driving vehicles. With GTA San Andreas, Rockstar has added some of the new modes of transport. The addition of new bikes and cars with a new one coming in this game are the bicycles, BMX, and mountain bikes.

Some of the vehicles are native to a place, for instance, the golf cart can be found in golf field. Low rides bikes near the countryside and many more to come as the game progresses.

Also, you can make your character swim in the water or even go underwater diving to have a look at the marine life, but this can be done until your character has stamina. If your stamina bar runs out you will die in the water.

Engage in gameplay

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, developers have focused to improve the cop effect. As robberies are a new addition to the game, although the details are a little sketchy. You have to work your way up in order to do a successful robbery. Skill and planning both are necessary to successfully complete a heist.

The game gives a new taste with the addition of cops on bikes now you have to be more careful during the missions. The level of the cop will increase with time if you don’t get rid of them. 5 star being the top level will include swat team with heavy cars and artillery.

To assist you in the game, new weapons are there in the game that you can unlock after completing missions. New guns are in GTA San Andreas, more of them are from the 90’s era and hand weapons such as a knife, swords, and chainsaw are also there.

Realistic Graphics

When the name Rockstar comes then the first thing that you think is of the level of graphics quality. And this is such with GTA San Andreas, with best in class graphics, the game is sure to go for.

The interaction with a non-playable character, subtle details of shadows and the atmosphere change all accounts for great graphics. You can also get custom hairstyle, choose clothes from a wide variety of shops on the map. Also, you can customize your own car.

The game is realistic than a reality TV show.

Some of the other features of the game are:

  • GTA San Andreas is a heavy graphics game and it would be great if you adjust the graphics that suits your device. With Android app, you get the facility to change the graphics according to your device preference.
  • The dual analog control gives you the full command over the camera and the controls.
  • You can change the control buttons and their positioning in 3 different ways.
  • Don’t worry about your progress, if you have to even turn off the game. As it is a very long game with around 60 missions. The developers have given the option of cloud storage to store your game progress in the cloud data. Next time when you resume the game your previously saved progress will be there.

How to Download and Install GTA San Andreas from Official Links

Rockstar has made the application available for Android and also for IOS device. You can download the application from Google Play Store if you are an android user and from I-tunes store if you are using IoS device.

  • Open the Google Play Store and search for GTA San Andreas by Rockstar.
  • The result should come on top of the pages.
  • Select the app with a black background and San Andreas written on it with white letters.
  • Tap the icon, it will take you to installation phase.
  • Click on install button the download will start.
  • Make sure you are connected to the WI-FI as the game is about 1.5 GB it will take time to install.
  • Once the game is installed you can start the application by tapping on the icon on your device.

You are now good to go and to use the application. Within no time you will be able to play the most amazing game that google play store has ever seen. The graphics and storyline will mesmerize you and surely will stand to your expectations.

GTA San Andreas APK: Will it work after Download and Install

If you use the download method that we have explained just now, then the GTA San Andreas App will definitely work. With such high-quality game downloading the game from a trusted source is the best option for you. As it will provide you with full game support and cloud storage options which would not be available in the modded versions.

Also, make sure that your device has a minimum version required for the application to run if the Android OS is not compatible then the application would not run. Free up a space of about 2 GB and close all the application while playing the game for better performance. All the devices cannot support the game, we will provide a list of devices at the end of the article to make the work easy for you.


GTA San Andreas is an action-adventure game developed by Rockstar and released on 26 October 2004 for PS2. in the upcoming years the company released the version for Windows and XBOX on June 7, 2005. A high definition version of the app was first released for XBOX and PlayStation.

After some years of silence and considering the popularity of the game, it was launched for Android in the year 2014. The game was remastered to support the Android OS. The latest version of the app is 1.08 available in the Google Play Store and was updated last on 2015.

Rockstar has presented us with the most amazing game of the early 2000s. Playing the game in Android will surely bring back the memories to those who have played it earlier in the past. Enjoy the high graphics, amazing storyline game of Rockstar in your mobile device.

Do tell us your experience, after playing the game in the comment section below.

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Here is the list of Supported Devices.