Geometry Dash – Test Your Skills with this Addictive One-Touch Game

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Geometry Dash is a platforming game in which you have to complete a level without crashing into an obstacle. Sounds familiar, right? But Geometry Dash is a bit different from other games with this gameplay. In this game, you have to control an icon and vehicles by tapping on the screen. You have to control where the icon goes but you can’t control the speed.

The gameplay is pretty fun in Geometry Dash but we’ll get to that later. There are five games in this series with the base game the focus of this article. In the main game, titled just Geometry Dash; there are 21 official levels.

The game allows users to create levels of their own. And so there are a whopping 40+ million online levels created by the users. Just like this one, there are more features in Geometry Dash that you’ll love.

Features of Geometry Dash

Features are for apps. For games, it is how you can play the game and what you can do. The basic gist of the gameplay in Geometry Dash is that you have to tap on the screen and the icon will jump over obstacles. Different vehicles in the game will react when you do that and you can tap and hold to continuously interact. Here are some of the highlights of the game.

Specifications “Geometry Dash”
Latest Version 2.11
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 11.5 MB
Last Updated 29 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
Status Publish

Objective & Gameplay

The primary objective of Geometry Dash is to complete a level without crashing into obstacles. If you do, you have to start anew. All the levels are unlocked except for the three demon levels which are available in the full paid version. You can play them in any order you want. While playing each level, you can collect up to three secret coins that are found in challenging or hidden areas or both. The controls are simple as you only have to tap on the screen to control the icon.

Features of Geometry Dash

Official Levels

There are 21 main levels, each one with a different soundtrack and designed by the original developer of Geometry Dash. 18 of the levels are unlocked from the start. For the remaining three levels, known as the Demon Levels; you need secret coins. There are a total of 63 of them in the game. These 3 levels require 10, 20, and 30 to unlock, respectively. As you can imagine, the difficulty also differs at various levels. Some are ridiculously easy and others can take you hundreds of hours to complete.

Custom Levels

If you have the full version of Geometry Dash, you can also access the custom levels. Any player can create a level, but they have to verify that it can be beaten by completing it themselves. All the custom levels have a unique ID which becomes lower as the level becomes older. Players can choose a soundtrack already available in Geometry Dash or a new one from Newgrounds.

Secret Vault

There is a total of 3 secret vaults in Geometry Dash which players can unlock with the help of diamonds, coins, and emblems. The first one requires 10 silver users coins from a verified user. The second one can be unlocked with 50 diamonds and the third needs an emblem that you can get from the shop in the treasure room. Also, the treasure room has to be unlocked first with 500 diamonds.


Games have achievements for good gameplay and so does this one. Players have to unlock achievements in different ways. Some of the ways are as follows: completing demon levels, adding friends, a certain number of stars, rating custom levels, and more. There are also some secret achievements in Geometry Dash that you can unlock in ways that the developers haven’t made known.

The above sections will give you a pretty good idea of the game. I’m sure that you have an idea of how to play the game and what different features and perks it offers. For the next tutorial, we are going to explain how to install Geometry Dash on Android.

Download Geometry Dash from Official Links

How to Download Geometry Dash from Official Links

Geometry Dash is pretty easy to obtain as it is officially available on the Google Play Store. But, it is actually available in two different versions. The original one and the lite version, if we don’t include the spin-offs like Meltdown, Sub-zero, etc. You can try out the Geometry Dash lite version first if you don’t want to buy the game before knowing what it offers.

  • Both the versions of the game are available on the Play Store.
  • So just launch it from your home screen and then search for it.
  • Enter the game’s name in the search bar and hit OK.
  • Once the search results are displayed, select the lite version or the original version.
  • The lite version is free, so simply tap on Install and you’ll have the game on your device.
  • For the original version which is simply titled Geometry Dash, you have to pay $1.99.
  • Select the app and open its download page. Now, tap on the price button.
  • Next, add a payment method and complete the payment on the Play Store.
  • Once you do that, the installation will resume and will be complete in a couple of seconds.

This is how you install Geometry Dash on your Android smartphone or tablet from Official links. As the Google Play Store is the most official source for Android Apps and Games, we have used that. There are also other methods in which you download the APK and then install it manually.

Geometry Dash APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The first thing is that you need Android 4.0 and up to run the game. So if you download Geometry Dash from the Play Store, you can be sure that it will work just fine. But some users take another route for the installation. They download the APK from a third-party source so that they don’t have to pay for it. And this is where the problem lies.

When you get the Geometry Dash APK from an unreliable source, there is no guarantee that it’ll work. Several third-party sources host APK files but only a few of them have anything reliable. So if you do that, then the game may work or may not work. There is no definite way of saying. So in order to be safe, follow the guide we have provided.

Geometry Dash History


Talking about the history of Geometry Dash, we have to start from when it was conceived and by whom. The game was developed by Robert Topala and released by RobTop games. He had a simple idea when he started making it. He started it as a template with a cube that was able to crash and jump.

Robert really didn’t have any detailed plans for the game in the beginning. He cited “The Impossible Game” to be his inspiration for Geometry Dash. The game was originally slated to be called “Geometry Jump”, but the studio settled with the name we know now.

This brings us to the conclusion of this article on Geometry Dash for Android. Try out the free version first and then you can move on to buy the full version which isn’t all that costly. If you have any queries, contact us at APKJunky.