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Android has already extensively replaced music players, alarm clocks, and even watches to some extent. Now it is all set to replace TVs for Movie Streaming. Not totally, but a majority of people like to stream movies and shows on their Android phones and PCs. With a bunch of different streaming apps available like FreeFlix HQ, it has become extremely easy to watch your favorite Movies and Shows for free.

FreeFlix HQ is a free streaming app that lets you stream movies and show. You don’t even incur the slightest of fees to use the app’s services. Unlike official Apps like Netflix and Hulu, FreeFlix HQ doesn’t charge any kind of fees at all. With no subscription or payment, you can dive into this ocean of unlimited entertainment.

For the Movie buffs out there, FreeFlix HQ is worth checking out if you are looking for free streaming apps. There are no hidden subscription fees or in-app purchases so it’ll be easy on your pocket as well.

Features of FreeFlix HQ

Like the other streaming apps out there, FreeFlix HQ also provides users with a wealth of unlimited content. The difference is that you get all this at the very low cost of absolutely nothing. Sounds too good to be true, but it is that way. The problem lies whether it is legal or not and we’ll get to that in a while. So first, let us see what makes FreeFlix HQ an option worth considering.

Specifications “FreeFlix HQ”
Latest Version 3.0.8
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 45.58 MB
Last Updated 27 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Movies and Shows

Watching Movies isn’t like what it used to be in the past. People had to either go to the theatre or wait for the Movie to come out on DVD or on tape. Most of the time, it was the latter. But now with the Video-on-demand services, you can watch just about any movie that you want, whenever you want. In FreeFlix HQ, there are two sections dedicated to VOD Movies and Shows. I bet you can find all your favorite Movies and your beloved TV Shows here. You can filter out adult content if you want to because there’s no holding back on FreeFlix HQ when it comes to content.

Features of FreeFlix HQ


Apart from Movies and Shows, there is also a section for kids and die-hard Anime fans. Cartoons and Anime are freely available through the app and you can either stream it online or download it. When you access any of the section, you can change the genre and filter the content according to their year. FreeFlix HQ lets you sort the content by “Recently Added” and “Most Watched”. There are a total of 5 servers each for Movies and Shows. You can switch between them when the one you’re using doesn’t work.

Stream or Download

Well, you’ve got two choices with FreeFlix HQ. Either stream it directly or download it on your device to watch it later. First off, select a Movie or an episode by browsing the library or searching for it. When you find something worth watching according to your taste, tap on it. Then tap on “Watch” and you’ll see a list of the available sources. Choose one and then tap on Play or Download, whichever you want to do. If you choose “play”, then the video will start in the app’s default player. On the other hand, the download will take place with the help of your default download manager.

For streaming and download both, you’re gonna need a stable and fast internet connection. It is not mandatory, but if you want to watch without interruptions; it is. So, make sure that you have fast internet, or you’ll just be staring at the screen frustrated.

Download FreeFlix HQ from Official Links

How to Download FreeFlix HQ from Official Links

Fortunately for all you streaming fanatics out there, this is good news. FreeFlix HQ App may not be available on the Play Store but it’s right there on its official website. All you have to do is download the APK file and install it. Seems easy, yeah? Let’s see how it is done.

FreeFlix HQ is a third-party app and Android doesn’t allow third-party installation. Don’t blow a gasket just yet because there is more to come. Android isn’t that bad and it allows you to install third-party apps after you change a setting. Head over to the Settings Menu and then enable “Unknown Sources” from Privacy or Security.

Once you’ve got that sorted out, you can move on to the actual installation method. Open a browser on your phone and go to Once you’re there, tap on Download APK. The FreeFlix HQ APK will be on your device in a couple of minutes. Tap on the downloaded APK, tap on Install and watch as the app is installed on your device.

FreeFlix HQ APK: Will it work after Download and Install

The apps and games that you get from the Google Play Store are bound to work perfectly. But the same thing can not be said for apps that come from any other sources. Third-party Sources are generally good to go, but some of them have malware or virus riddled APKs. Whether that is the case with FreeFlix HQ or not, remains to be determined.

Is it safe to use FreeFlix HQ

For those who are doubting FreeFlix HQ to work, we assure you that it will work. But only when you follow the method that we have explained above. Failure to get the FreeFlix HQ APK from a source other than the official website will result in the app not working properly. Also, your phone should meet the minimum requirements of the app.

Is FreeFlix HQ Safe?

You may have figured it by now that FreeFlix HQ doesn’t actually have its own library. But rather it explores various sources on the internet and provides you with the streaming links. While the app is perfectly safe to use, it doesn’t mean that the content is. The app exists in a legal gray area if I should say so myself.

It does not actually give you torrent links, which many similar apps do. What it actually does is that it collects links for a particular video which is technically legal. That may be the reason why authorities haven’t come knocking its doors and shut it down. The app is legal and safe to use, it’s just that it may serve you pirated content which isn’t legal.

With this, we are at the end of the article on FreeFlix HQ APK Download. You have a virtually limitless collection Movies before you which is up for grabs. If you are struggling with anything related to the app, we are here to help at APKJunky.