Framaroot – One-Click Apk to Root Android Devices

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Rooting has always been the gateway to get more functionality out of your Android device. Normally, device manufacturers impose some restrictions on the Android OS. This step is for keeping your device safe. But if you want to remove this limitation and get more features, then you can root your phone. Framaroot for Android is one of the most popular apps for rooting an Android phone and that too in a really simple manner.

Framaroot is one of those one-tap rooting apps for Android. It is probably the most popular and most used rooting app for Android devices. Whenever a new user searches for a rooting app, he probably might use Framaroot. Because it is one of the rooting apps that he might come across while searching for one.

In the upcoming sections, we shall see some of the features and advantages of using the Framaroot App for Android. You will also get a small guide on how to get the app on your device. Let’s start.

Features of Framaroot

Framaroot has been around for quite some time and it has been the first choice for most users. Its popularity lies in the fact that it is free to download and extremely easy to use. One of its many benefits is that it allows users to root their Android devices without having to connect the device to a PC.

Specifications “Framaroot”
Latest Version 1.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 2.1 MB
Last Updated 20 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0+
Status Publish

Easy to use

Rooting is a process that is sometimes carried out by using a PC and ADB Drivers. The alternative to that is using apps like Framaroot. Now, this app is not something you would some special skills to use. It has an exceptionally simple interface without any complexities. You have to download and open the app first. Then you need to select Install SuperSU for the first option. After that select a character name to choose an exploit. Run the app and it will root your device in a couple of seconds.

Features of Framaroot

Run scripts

This is an option in Framaroot meant for the Advanced Users that have pretty good knowledge about the Android OS. Beginners shouldn’t tamper with this option as it may lead to bricking your device. This option lets the user execute scripts to introduce some more tweaks into the already rooted OS. Or they can be exploits for you to explore and take advantage of.

One-tap root

Rooting an Android device hasn’t always been this easy. Earlier, you had to connect your device with a PC and then go through a long and painstaking method in order to root your phone. But with Framaroot, you only tap once and your device will be rooted in no time at all. All without the need for a PC.

Installing SuperSU

The most important thing after rooting a phone is to install a Superuser. This app is needed in order to control the permissions that you need to grant to some apps. Framaroot helps you out with this and you don’t have to do it on your own. Just select “Install SuperSU” in the app before rooting and Framaroot will install the app automatically.

Unroot with Framaroot

One-Tap Unroot

So you decided that a rooted phone is not for you and want to unroot your device. Framaroot has that covered as well. Just choose the option and your device will be back to the state that it was in before rooting.

Root-only Apps

There are a lot of root-only apps that you can only install and use on a rooted phone. You’ll find a lot of those with some amazing features. For example, Titanium Backup allows you to take backup of your apps along with its settings and data intact. Tasker lets you control all your home appliances from one place. There are many others that make your device a lot better but can only be used on a rooted phone.

Custom ROMs and Android updates

You may have heard the term “Custom ROMs”. These are operating systems based on the Android OS and change the look and feel of your Android device’s operating system. It also gives you many additional abilities such as extended personalization. After you root your device using Framaroot, you have the ability to install latest Android versions even if they are not yet available for your particular device.

These were the features of Framaroot and some of its advantages. This rooting app is very convenient to use and provides the best results with the supported devices.

Download Framaroot from Official Links

How to Download Framaroot from Official Links

Framaroot is a rooting app and most rooting apps aren’t available on the Google Play Store. So the Play Store is out of the question now. The next option in the line is third-party sources. Now, you will find the Framaroot APK file on a lot of sources but not all of them are reliable. Worry not, because we have found a proper and reliable source for you.

  • Open Settings on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Navigate to Security and then find “Unknown Sources”.
  • Enable this option so you can install third-party apps.
  • Once you’ve done that, next comes the download part.
  • Open this link on your phone or PC to download the APK.
  • It will take you to the official XDA Developers forum.
  • Scroll down to the end of the post and you will see the links.
  • The last link will be of the latest version of the app.
  • Tap on it to start the download. The app is of 1.25 MB.
  • The download won’t take much time.
  • Pull down the notification shade and tap on the Framaroot APK file.
  • This will start the installation and it will be over before you know it

After that, all you have to do is open the Framaroot App and follow the rooting steps.

Framaroot APK: Will it Work after Download and Install

If download the APK file of Framaroot from the source we have given above, it will most definitely work. Because the APK is hosted on XDA which is one of the best sources for getting rooting apps and third-party apps. Also, your device should be on the list of the supported models and then only the app will be able to root it.

Is it safe to use Framaroot?

Rooting is only safe when you have any idea of what you’re doing. So you should do this only if you have some prior knowledge of rooting or know someone who does. Because if you don’t have any idea and something goes wrong, then you might brick your phone.

That means your device will be as useful as a brick and it is tough as nails to get it back to its normal state again. Otherwise, it is completely safe to use Framaroot and it is not even illegal to root an Android device.

I guess that’s it, folks! Everything we had to explain about Framaroot, we have explained in this extensive post with all the details. I hope that you have understood the specifics that go into installing and using the app. For more information or queries, contact us at APKJunky.