FaceNiff – Sniff and Sneak into Web Session Profiles over WiFi [Hack]

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The application which we are going to discuss comprises of hacking other person’s phone or device. It is possible when both the devices connect to the same WIFI connection. People use this application in their Android devices because they want to hijack the sessions of the other person present over there. It is really helpful in sniffing and intercepting the sessions of the other person. The¬†Faceniff¬†is pretty similar to the Firesheep application but it is very simple to use.

It is possible to run on the rooted devices and not convenient to run on the normal devices. So, if a person wants to use this application, he has to root the device. Moreover, the process of rooting is very simple and one can do it very easily. There are several applications available which can root your phone. Also, check and verify the device whether it is rooted properly or not. Check the rooted device and make sure it works properly.

Interestingly, the application is for the people who are staring hacking and are new to this field. But the connection should be on the same WIFI network. We could hack the Facebook in the past with the help of this application. But, it is not possible now as they have increased the security of it.

Features of Faceniff

There are several features which tend to make the application a more wanting and necessary app. The features and the compatibility are the aspects on which the application’s rating take place and the demand obviously increases if the application is good for the people. The discussion for several features of Faceniff is present in the upcoming section.

Specifications “Faceniff”
Latest Version 5.3
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 16.2 MB
Last Updated 16 June 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Stealth Mode

The amazing feature provides the device the invisibility to the other person when you are going and hacking his/her sessions. The feature provides the flexibility to the device and can easily bypass the system of high-security routers. The setting of some routers are very private and secured and this app can easily intercept it.

SSL Strip Integration

This is a type of attack over the people which uses the application in the form of HTTP and not in the form of the HTTPS. Moreover, the user will also not get any data about the attack which is on the device of the victim. The hacker directs all the things from the user to his device and logs into the several applications. It is beneficial that to use the HTTPS application for rather than going for the HTTP format to prevent from such attacks. But, it will surely force the person to access through HTTP as it will be difficult to open in HTTPS.

Vibration Alert

There is a feature of notifying the user when an additional user joins the same network. When he/she enters the network, the other person gets a notification for the joining to the network. This feature is quite good as it prevents excitement and prevents from using the same connection which you are using. Also, if multiple users connect to your WIFI connection it will still notify you and get vibrating alert. This makes them stand out from the crowd.

Filter-ID cookies

There is an amazing feature that the cookies will not be visible to the user and we can still check the sessions of the people. There can be no trace in the cookies and one cannot identify who is checking out your sessions. So, this will help you to hide your identity and still manage to extract the information which you need. But we have to make sure that the person is not using the format of HTTPS in his device.

So, these are the features of the application. They are very useful for the people who are entering in the penetration field and have interest in it. It can help them to gain confidence and act as a boost to learning for the newbies.

How to Download Faceniff from Official Links

It is very useful for the people who barely know how to hack the devices and other services. It is definitely for the beginners and helps them to learn and explore more in this area. The application is free of cost and easily available on the internet. But, the issue is that the application is available in the APK format only. There is a procedure which we have to follow if we want to download the Faceniff application.

  • Primarily, connect the device with a proper internet connection and open any browser in it.
  • Now, navigate to the settings and allow the downloading options from the unknown sources.
  • After that, download the APK format of the file and allow the root access in your device.
  • Check that the person whom you want to interpret the session and you should connect to the same WIFI connection.
  • Now, enable the online button by pressing it one time present on the top right corner.
  • Moreover, tap on the START button.
  • Then the application will show the unencrypted sites which the other person is using.
  • With the use of SSL Strip, the person will be able to downgrade to HTTP from HTTPS.
  • Now, you can easily gain the access to the person’s account and sites he is accessing.

So, the process is very simple and easy to carry out. This app won’t allow revealing your data and also the IP address to some extent. But certain applications have increased their security and apps like Facebook and Blogger do not access with this application.

Faceniff APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

It basically works on the approach that you and your victim should connect to the same WIFI connection and one can easily gain the access. It decodes the applications or websites which they are using at the particular span of time. This thing also helps you to access its accounts and stuff. It also helps us to gain the records of the browsing and surfing details of the victim. Many people also term the application as the Session Hijacking App.

It is available in the form of APK format and it not available on the Google Play Store. The size is quite less on disk and occupies less space on the device. There are various platforms on the internet where the application is available free of cost. We can download it from any website but people advice that we should trust some reliable sites and sources only.

Requirements for using Faceniff

There are very less and limited requirements which they need and the application will work on your device. The compatibility is very high of this app as it requires fewer things and manages to connect with every possible device.

The basic requirement is to have a good Android phone. Then we must download the application on that device, so we need a browser. After that, we require a sound WIFI connection on which you are going to connect. Then, a rooting application through which you need to route your phone and install the Faceniff app. So these are the basic things which are needed successfully using and working on the Faceniff application on any Android devices.

So, to draw the curtains, this whole article was about the application called Faceniff. We have learned about its features and the information on how the application is downloaded on our Android system based devices. After that, we came to the part of downloading and installing the application from the APK format. We have to access the file from the devices to hack the sessions of the people who are connected to your WIFI connection. At last, we checked the requirements for using the application on your Android devices.