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Cheat Engine is a hacking tool for gamers which they can use make alterations to certain values in their games. It is an open source hex editor, memory scanner, and debugger. If you ever thought of cheating in your games, then you should definitely get Cheat Engine. It was originally designed for PC games but now you can also use it on Android devices.

Cheating in games is a very hot debate and you can say it is kind of illegal. Well, not entirely. If you use it in Single Player games, then it’s alright. But its use in online and multiplayer games is usually discouraged.

Cheat Engine is a cheating app that is used for cheating in games. It works on the same basis as other similar apps like Game Killer. It searches for value and then changes it to whatever new value you want. Let’s see its features.

Features of Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is mainly used to change the values of coins, currency, health, or ammo in any given game. It searches for the values that the user inputs, and then the user can sort through them and change them. The app is also used to create aimbots in PC games to assist the user in shooting games.

Specifications “Cheat Engine”
Latest Version 6.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 2.4 MB
Last Updated 07 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Modify in-game parameters

The main use of Cheat Engine is to make changes in the values of certain parameters. The most common ones that game players target are money, health, and ammo. We have already explained how it does that but here is a bit of in-depth explanation. After installing the app, you need to input a certain value representing the parameter you want to increase or decrease. For example, if you have 100 coins, then you need to input 100. Until Cheat Engine shows a single value in the result, search for the exact number of coins after you increase them by playing. Once it shows a single value, tap on it and change it.

Download Cheat Engine from Official Links

Direct3D Manipulation

The app also has Direct3D Manipulation tools for games. They are mainly used to obtain vision through walls so that you can be alarmed before you actually face an enemy. It is very useful in games where you confront enemies left and right. Another use is zooming in or out. Using that feature, you can zoom in on a player which is far from you and eliminate them. It also helps you create aimbots by creating a texture around the mouse or the cursor.

Code Injection

Cheat Engine uses various codes and injects them into the game’s files. Sometimes antivirus programs mistake Cheat Engine for a virus as it uses some of the same techniques as a trojan virus. The app uses some techniques to get access to the system files and is flagged suspicious. There are versions of the app that remove this kind of problems but you won’t get to use some of the features.

These were almost all of the features that you get to use with Cheat Engine. As it is a hacking app, there are not many features that you can expect what it does is nothing short of exceptional.

Features of Cheat Engine

How to Download Cheat Engine from Official Links

Game Hacking tools and Cheating apps are not allowed in the Google Play Store. As you can expect, Cheat Engine is not available on the Play Store and you will have to download it from some other source. We will be explaining the download and installation procedure of Cheat Engine to you in this section.

  • Go to Settings on your Android device be it a smartphone or a tablet.
  • After that, open the Security section from the main menu.
  • Turn on Unknown Sources to allow third-party app installations.
  • Now, use this link to download the Cheat Engine APK.
  • It is the direct download link and the download will start immediately.
  • Once the download is complete, tap on the APK file.
  • You can either tap on it from the notification shade or from the file manager.
  • If you have downloaded the Cheat Engine APK file on your PC, then you will have to transfer it to your mobile device.
  • Once you do that, follow the normal installation procedure.
  • Cheat Engine will be installed in a couple of seconds and then you can use it to hack your favorite games.

This is the official method for downloading and installing the Cheat Engine App on your Android phone. Once you’re done installing the app, you can hack any Android that you want.

How to use Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

As you know already, the app ain’t available on the Google Play Store. So we have gone and downloaded it from a third-party store. Third-party APKs have no guarantee to them that they will work properly or not. Whereas apps on the Play Store are Play Protect Verified and they are configured to work with almost all the devices.

But the link we have provided here is one of the most reliable ones out of all that we’ve checked out. The only thing you need to make sure is that you have Android 2.3 or above and your device must be rooted. That’s all you need to make the app work.

Cheat Engine FAQs

Cheat Engine engine is a hacking tool and it is a tad complex for new users. So they tend to ask questions about it. And apart from that, there are some things about the app that confuse users. So, here are a few FAQs that users will find useful.

What is Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is a tool that lets you hack the in-game values such as money, health, and ammo. It is a free app that you can easily get for the Android platform.

How do I install Cheat Engine?

Follow the installation guide that we have given in this article and get the APK file from the link.

Will there be an iOS version?

Yes, when Aquaman starts to drown and the Human Torch jumps in to save him.

Can this tool hack online games?

No. Because online games are connected to a server and this app can’t change the values that are stored on the server.

Okay, these were some of the most commonly asked questions about the hacking tool for Android. If you’re interested in knowing more, then hit us up with some questions of your own and we’ll be thrilled to answer them.

This ends our discussion on Cheat Engine. We have explained most of the things about the app and we are sure that you have understood the specifics of the hacking tool. To know about some similar game hacking apps, head over to APKJunky.