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There are several applications in the market that claims to secure your Wi-Fi network. With such a number of application, it becomes difficult for you to choose the right one. Also, there is a risk of choosing a wrong application which can cause harm to your device. Today, we will discuss the application that has a good reputation and stands by its word when it comes to network security, Bcmon.

The application was created with a view to providing a complete network control to the user. It is a user-friendly application, which has been used by a lot of people who wishes to take care of their network traffic. The application gives you the freedom to secure your network, hack another Wi-Fi network, analyze the traffic on your network, and many more features. However, you do need Reaver to run Bcmon on your device. And before running the application make sure that your device is rooted or the application will not run.

Reaver is a supportive APK that needs to be installed or the application “Bcmon” will not work on your device.

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Bcmon is an application used by network experts and professionals. Let us have a look at the features that make Bcmon so popular in the security community.

Specifications “Bcmon”
Latest Version 1.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 15 MB
Last Updated 28 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2+
Status Publish

Monitor the Traffic

If you are familiar with the concepts of networking then you might know the importance of traffic. There are people around you who can bypass your network security and use your device data or even your personal WI-FI for their use.

To keep track of such fraud users, Bcmon is useful. It provides you with the feature of controlling the traffic on your personal network you can keep an eye on the people using your private network and also can ban them from your network.



The second feature that this application has to provide is of Hacking another Wi-Fi network. If you like to hack others wi-fi and save some of your personal data then this application is best for you. Bcmon has a built-in feature of hacking wifi but it is not going to happen in minutes it will take about 2-8 hours to hack successfully, and more or less it depends on the type of server.

Bcmon will only be able to penetrate the router that has WPS enable on it or you would not be able to hack the server. Before hacking make sure that the monitor mode is enabled on your screen and the advanced setting tab is checked. After all the steps are done proceed with the attack and let it run for few hours.

After a few hours you might have successfully decoded the password and now you can access any ones internet service.

Restrict Other Users

The tool not only gives you the freedom to analyze the traffic or hack a Wi-Fi router, but it also gives you the control to restrict a user on your network. This feature is of a great use in many ways as it will prevent any unauthorized user from being entering on your network. Your personal data will get another layer of security. Any suspicious activity could be easily monitored by just opening the application.

For Professional

The tool has so much more to offer that can only be understood by the network professionals and experts. Apart from hacking and monitoring the tool can be used to run various commands that can increase the network security of the server and also can find any vulnerabilities in the system. Moreover, it can restrict the user in a company to visit certain restricted areas of the system by implementing an encryption on it.

How to Download and Install Bcmon from Official Links

Bcmon is an application that is more popular among the professionals and network specialists who like to secure their network and find vulnerabilities on other’s network. The application is presently available for Android. It is expected that the company will launch its IOS version as soon as possible. Though the application is not available on play store, do not worry we will provide the official link from where you can download the latest version of the application. Follow these simple steps to download the application for your device.

Before you download Bcmon, it is mandatory to download Revear. The application would not run without Reaver so make sure you download Reaver before Bcmon.

Steps to install Reaver:

  • Download the reaver APK file from the above link.
  • Let the file download do not stop it in between.
  • Before installation makes sure to allow install from unknown sources.

Steps to install Bcmon:

  • Download the Bcmon APK from the above link.
  • Wait for some seconds the download will start automatically.
  • Make sure to free some space before downloading the application.
  • After the download is the complete tap on the install button to install the application on your device.

Steps to run Reaver Apk file on Android:

  • By this point, you must have installed the Reaver application.
  • Open the Bcmon app, it would take 1-2 try to open the application.
  • On successfully running the Bcmon application start RFA.
  • Select the WPS, and allow the router by clicking on  “Test-Monitor-Mode”.
  • You are now good to run RFA, but before that uninstall the Bcmon APK.

Bcmon app

Bcmon APK: Will it work after Download and Install

You have to be very careful while installing the application as the app is not available in the play store so facking the application becomes easy. However, we have provided you with the official site of the vendor. Making it easier for you to download the application without any issues.

Before installing the application just make sure that your device is rooted, as the app is only for rooted device. Make sure you are downloading the APK from a trusted site and not downloading the wrong APK. Free some space on your device before installing the application. Just check these steps and the A will definitely work on your device without causing any trouble.

Alternative For Bcmon

Bcmon is no doubt one of the best application when it comes to network penetration but not looking on the other side of the coin would be inappropriate. There are several apps that claim to be better than Bcmon one such application is Hijacker.

Hijacker works same as Bcmon but with some of the add-on facilities such as:

  • Save the .cap file in the system.
  • Capture a WPA handshake protocol.
  • Deauthenticate a user from your network.
  • Stats about access point and information about the IP address.
  • You can create custom actions and apply that to the victims.
  • Export all gathered files.

With Bcmon as a primary tool on your device is enough to carry out all network related functions and provides a slight edge to you. The application is mostly for network professionals who have a knowledge about the small details of the network. From analyzing to hacking, the application is able to perform all the tasks and that too in an efficient manner.

We hope that this article will surely be helpful to you in getting a insight about the application before using it.

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