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For Android users, Google Play is the one and only place to get their apps and games. Since the time Android was released, the Play Store has been its go-to marketplace. But users now have options with the emergence of third-party app stores like AppVN for Android. This app store is a tad different from the official one that you’re used to right now. You’ll get to know about the app in detail when you read this post.

You must have heard about alternate app stores and this one is just like them. AppVN offers thousands of Apps and games for you to download and install for free. The App Store is itself free to download and use. Probably the best thing about AppVN is that you can get the apps for free which are paid on the Play Store.

This great app is available only for the Android platform and you will have one heck of a time while using it. It has a surplus amount of features that you can’t hope to enjoy in the Google Play Store. Let’s start.

Features of AppVN

Most of the Android users are familiar with third-party or alternative App Stores. Many of you might have even used one of these in the past, but AppVN is different. From the user interface to the design of the app; everything speaks how great they’ve designed it. The features are something you will really love.

Specifications “AppVN”
Latest Version 6.45
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 15.1 MB
Last Updated 20 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.4+
Status Publish

Free Apps & Games

Google Play offers millions of apps and games for free but it also has some paid ones. So what if you want to install those for free? AppVN is the answer and it is one of the best places to get free paid APK files of apps and games. Of course, you also get the slew of free games and apps that are already available on the Play Store. One other trait of this app store is that it offers some of the best third-party APKs that aren’t available on the Play Store. And to top it off, it doesn’t even require for you to have an account to use its services.

Features of AppVN

Mod Games and Apps

Have you ever heard of the term “Mod”? When you see it after the name of any app or game, understand that it will be different from the normal apps. You can say that it is a hacked APK, but modified is the proper term for it. These Mod APKs are installation packages that have been modified by dedicated developers to give you a bunch of extra features. For example, some games will have infinite money or health; or some apps may have premium features already unlocked so that you don’t have to pay for them.


Just as in the Google Play Store, users can browse for new apps using the different categories available in AppVN. The homepage of the app shows you the Top New arrivals, Top Downloaded APKs, and collections of popular and good APK files. The categories tab shows you different genres. You can select and download free Apps from a definite category such as Communication, Personalization, Photography, and a lot more.

How to use the app

Once you Install and open AppVN App Store, you will see the home screen which is the Home tab by default. It shows you the list of popular apps which you can download directly from there. Other sections of this app store include Hot, Top New, Top Download, Collections, Categories, and Newsfeed. You can access the Games Section by tapping on the controller icon in the top bar. The app also offers Music and Wallpapers that you can easily download on your device.

Other than the above features, AppVN has a management tool that allows users to view their installed apps. You could either Uninstall, Update, Backup, or Launch it right there from within the AppVN App Store.

Download AppVN from Official Links

How to Download AppVN from Official Links

Google doesn’t allow other app stores on the Play Store because of the unconventional features that they offer and you know what I’m talking about (free paid apps!). So obviously you won’t find AppVN on the Play Store. The only reliable place to get it is the official website.

  • Head over to Settings and then go to Security or Privacy depending on your device.
  • Find and enable Unknown Sources in order to install a third-party app.
  • After that, visit using a browser on your Android device.
  • Click on the Download icon in the top-right corner of the homepage.
  • Scroll a bit on the next page and then tap on “Install the app”.
  • The APK will be downloaded on your phone in a couple of minutes.
  • Once the AppVN APK file has been downloaded, you can install it right away.
  • Head over to the file manager and then tap on the APK file to install it.
  • Tap on Next to allow the permissions and then tap on Install.

AppVN will be installed on your phone or tablet after only a matter of seconds. Now, you have a plethora of Apps & Games waiting just for you. Start downloading your favorite apps and games right now!

Will it work

AppVN APK: Will it Work after Download and Install

Any app that you download from the Google Play is guaranteed to be safe and secure. But nothing can be said for the ones that you get from sources other than the Play Store. When you download an APK file from websites, you can’t be sure whether it is safe or not. But the AppVN APK from its official website is reliable because we have tested it and it works fine.

So, the only thing you need to worry about is the specifications of your device. AppVN has some requirements that it needs to work at all. Such as if you don’t have Android 4.3 or above, it won’t work. But that is nothing to worry about. Most of all, remember to get the APK from the official website only.

Is it safe to use AppVN?

AppVN is safe to use and it won’t harm your device as it doesn’t have any virus or malware in it. So you can put a rest to the worries you’ve been having until now. The website is also safe to access as in the fact that you won’t get any warning message. So you can download the APK file from the website on your PC as well.

As far as the content goes, AppVN lies in a sort of a legal gray area. It hosts paid games and apps from the Play Store for free so we can’t exactly say that this is legal. The other problem is cracked apps and games. When you install a Mod APK, you get the in-app purchases for free which otherwise, would’ve gotten the developer the money.

The bottom line is that AppVN is completely safe to use and you can download APKs as you like. But the choice is yours if you want to install cracked games because those can often be unstable and crash.

This brings us to the end of this article on AppVN App Store for Android. Once you’ve read this post, you will know all about this app store and its features and also how to install it on your respective Android device. If there is anything that we can help you with, then contact us at APKJunky.