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This is the generation of people having smartphones with them. They are the basic requirement of the people of any category. Moreover, they can perform any type of task on it and check any type of details. They tend to use it on the daily basis and for that, they need apps on the phones. The Amazon Underground is one such platform that people use to get free apps on their devices.

The parent company for the Amazon Underground is the huge firm name It is an application store which is only there for the apps of the Android operating system. The creation of the app store took place in 2011. Also, the reach of the store is quite large and it is available near about 200 countries.

As the time progressed, they also supported the Fire Kindle tablet, which was a multipurpose tablet for all type of people. After that, even the Blackberry also collaborated with Amazon. Due to this, the Amazon app was directly available on the upcoming devices and the latest software.

Amazon Underground

Features of Amazon Underground

The main reason for the existence of the market are the features of it. It has got some really good features which help it to grow in the sector of digital app providing fields. Moreover, it is available in all the possible operating systems like Android Operating systems, Blackberry 10, and Fire Operating system as well. But the app’s stable launching took place in 2018 only. There are some really cool features about the app store which we are going to discuss in the upcoming section.

Specifications “Amazon Underground”
Latest Version 8.0.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 33.7 MB
Last Updated 30 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.0+
Status Publish

Free app of the day

The Amazon Underground offers the users a free app option. It is a limited time option and one can easily download it from the app store. One has to just check that which app is free today if he/she has interest in it, they can easily download it. The free app is mostly any game and helps the users to play it free after they have installed it. When the launch of the store took place, they offered Angry Birds Rio to the users as the free app. Moreover, the app was ad-free and did not hinder the gameplay.

Test drive

This feature came into existence later in the Amazon underground. People used it to use any app as a virtual copy in the app browser and let the person check it. It generates the copy of the app and let the viewer use the app and decide it that if he has to download it or not. The time limit to use it was 30 minutes and after that one can easily make a decision. But the performance was not up to the mark due to the ‘Free App of the Day” feature. It completely dominated the sector and the ‘Test Drive’ feature could not live up to its expectations.

Amazon coins

The feature was one of the latest features which adds up to the list of Amazon Underground. We can say it is a type of online wallet which is there to make the necessary payments. There are some apps in which we need to make transactions and payments to purchase an app. So, it proves to be a vital feature for it.

The wide range of apps

There is an important aspect that one has a lot of options to choose from. Although it started with limited options, now it has increased up to a significant number and the audience is enjoying a lot. So, this is also a key feature of it.

All in all, these are the necessary and the most important features of the Amazon Underground. One can see the features and they will want to use the app store on their mobile phones and they will surely enjoy it. We all have to keep in mind the output which we are going to receive after downloading it.

Amazon Underground app

How to Download Amazon Underground from Official Links

The process of downloading the application into our cellular devices is quite simple and easy. There are a simple method and steps which we need to follow if we want Amazon Underground on our devices. Also, there is a huge range of platforms from which the app store is easily available. The third-party websites will provide the app store in the form of the APK.

  • First of all, pick a mobile phone in which you need to have the app store for downloading several other applications.
  • After that, turn on the internet data pack or connect it to the WIFI which is near you.
  • Now, open any convenient browser which is present there in your and type the name of the app in the search bar.
  • So, there will be many search results over there. Trust the site with which you are familiar with. Do not download from any random websites.
  • Now, start downloading it in your mobile phones and after that go to the “Settings” option.
  • Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Settings menu and the app store will start installing on your device.
  • It will take some time but after that, the installation is over. An icon of the app store will be present on the menu list of your phone. Now, you can enjoy the app store.

These are the basic steps and the whole method that how can one download the Amazon Underground. With the help of this, the process will be simpler. Make a note that not to download the app from a website which you do not trust. This may have some viruses or malware in it.

Amazon Underground APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

We all know that the app store is available on the internet in the form of the APK. This helps a lot in downloading and accessing the apps on your phones. Also, the features are amazing so one automatically gets tilt towards Amazon Underground. It will definitely work in your Android device after you have completed downloading it in your phone. The company will pay the developers on how long you are using the app.

The process of installing is also very convenient and a person of any age group can perform this task. The app will run very smoothly and does not affect the operating system of the cellular devices. Also, one has to keep in mind that if an app has a certain amount to pay, then it must have the similar price in the similar kind of app stores. Moreover, the gameplay of any game present will be more sort of similar if the downloading took place from a different app store.

Amazon Underground ak


Amazon Underground vs. Google Play Store

As we all know, both of them are applications providing stores and there is no major difference between the two. It is the fact that the people are more preferring the Google Play Store because of more availability of the apps and the reach is also very high. Moreover, more amount of games are available on the Amazon Underground while on the Google Play Store, all types of apps are available.

But, the Amazon Underground is ahead of the Google Play Store in certain aspects. In providing the online coin system and the Product Feature option, the Amazon Underground is far ahead of the Google Play Store. But if we have to consider the developers, they only see the profit and the opportunity from where they can make the money. You can introduce your app on either of the platforms or on both the platforms.


To conclude the following article, we had a look at the wide features of the Amazon Underground which are really helpful. You also had a look on the downloading steps of the app and the possible outcomes and effects after downloading it. We should be taking care of the download from the third-party websites. Lastly, we came in contact with the comparison with the app providing masters i.e Google Play Store.