8 Ball Pool – The World’s #1 Online Pool Game [Challenge Your Friends!]

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The people are in contact more with the mobile phones than on any other things. Mobile devices have become an integral part of any human presence on the earth. Also, people play more games as a source of entertainment. Playing games keeps their mind relaxed and it can also act as a stress buster for many people. 8 Ball Pool is one such game that has attracted many people from the day it has come into the market.

The game gives a realistic experience to the people so that people prefer it more and it has become a known game all over the world. Miniclip is the parent company which has launched the game in the market in 2008. After that, its popularity has always raised and people from every country are playing it till date. In June 2015, the game was on the top position in the Miniclip’s ranking of its top 100 games.

The connection of the game is also with the Facebook and the users can also play it. It sends the invitation to the people and the friends and in this way the promotion and marketing are possible among this generation.

Features of 8 Ball Pool

There are several exciting features which make the game a must-play application. Due to this, the people are so addictive to it and play it on the regular basis. Due to this, the in-app purchases have increased tremendously and people are willing to spend the money on the game. The concept of the game is very simple as we have to just hit the ball in the pocket. But there are several features which the players who play regularly would hardly know. They are present in the upcoming section.

Specifications “8 Ball Pool”
Latest Version 4.0.0
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APK Size 52.1 MB
Last Updated 26 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0.3+
Status Publish

Tapping the screen to aim

The main job is to aim the specific ball as we are shifting towards the end of the game. When there are not many balls present, you can just tap the ball and adjust the shot and hit. The tap option is present in the settings menu and one can activate from there only. You still have to adjust the shot but it will definitely save a lot of time of yours. It won’t panic you in a tensed situation.

Vibrating the device

If a person is doing a multi-tasking job, then there are very fewer chances of having the concentration on the right task at the right time. As the life is very hectic and busy nowadays, the developers of the game understand it. They provide us the system that drags our attention towards it. As soon as the turn of the opponent is over, then the system vibrates as your turn will be there. This thing surely helps in doing multiple tasks and the person can enjoy and work at the same time.

Practicing without guidelines

Practicing the whole game with a single player and the providing the guidelines may feel the youngsters that they are making them learn. So, they have introduced a new feature in the game that they can practice the whole game without any guidelines. They can understand and learn on their own rather than teaching them from the guidelines. This can surely increase the creativity and trickiness of the player regarding the shots of the game.

Disturbing and creating nuisance

If you are winning or about to win the current game, then there is always a player who would try to disturb or distract you. And if you are that type of guy that gets distracted if someone provokes, you can easily mute the personal messages from the settings menu.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool from Official Links

Playing the game will definitely give you a realistic experience and you will enjoy it for sure. But if the company wants that the people play the game more and more then they have to keep the downloading process very easy and simple. And thank god, the whole process of downloading the 8 Ball Pool is very convenient and anyone from any age group can do it. There are two methods for the downloading process.

The first method is to download directly from the app market of the particular operating system. We have to just take a device in which we want this game. Later on, open the application market and search for the game in it. Then, tap on the ‘Install’ button and the game will start downloading. Once the download is over, then the open the game on your device in which you want to access.

Now, you are able to play the game and enjoy your time. It is totally based on the real-life scenario so everyone would love to play it.

8 Ball Pool APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

There is another method to install the game on your device and play it normally. The method of the 2nd type is known as the APK method. In the APK method, the people directly download the file from the browser of the device. The main problem of the APK is we don’t know what is there in the APK file and anything might come in your device and harm it. So, we have to download it from the trusted sources and websites.

It will run on your device like the way the normal application works. After that, the user can use the application like every other person do. The APK’s are easily available on any browser of any application. Any person can easily install in the device and use it on the regular basis.

The game is having a lot of possibilities and the reach of it is increasing day by day. Teens are into the game but in the recent time, the adults are also into the game. They love playing this game and also encourages their friends to play. The game is a multiplayer game so two persons can play together. This also builds a feeling of healthy competition among the friends.

So, all in all, we had a look at the exclusive features of the 8 Ball Pool which makes the game unique in its kind. It is widely accepted from the audience side and it is still trending in the market. Moreover, the login steps or the procedure is also very simple and easy. This is the prime reason why people play the game and made it a source of entertainment. We hope we had provided you with enough information regarding 8 Ball Pool.