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Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in this age and cloud storage is one of the prime examples of it. Cloud storage eliminates the need for a physical storage device in some cases. There are plenty of apps for cloud storage on the App Markets for Android. We are going to talk about one such app for the Android operating system. 4Shared is a comprehensive solution to store, manage, and share your files either by using its app or the official website.

There are many services of the 4Shared App that you will find useful. It allows users to upload and store their music, pictures, videos, and all types of documents. After that, they can choose to share those documents with the 4Shared community. Users can also search for and download content shared by others.

We will talk about the features in a more detailed manner in one of the upcoming sections. You will also get to know about the procedure of how to download and install the game on an Android device including smartphones and tablets.

Features of 4Shared App

The first step in using this application is to sign up and create an account. It comes first and everything after that. Once you have an account, you can start uploading your files to the online storage. Apart from this, there are a lot of other features that you need to know about. We have listed them down below.

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Store your files

The main use of the 4Shared App is to store and manage your files. You can upload anything from music to movies and documents on the app. It will then store it online and then you can go back and download it whenever you want it. Furthermore, users are also able to share their files with the online community if they choose to do so. Other users can search for those files and then download them. This makes the app a kind of a social media for file storage and sharing.

Specifications “4Shared”
Latest Version 3.83
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 13.9 MB
Last Updated 24 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2.0+
Status Publish

File Management

Once you have an account and start uploading files to the cloud storage, you can manage your files according to your choices. 4Shared allows registered users to store files and then rename, copy, move, delete, upload, and download them at their convenience. You can either use the official app on your smartphone or tablet or use the website on either of your devices.


Having an account on 4Shared means that the user has a convenient and fast access to more than 30 million files. The app offers a possibility to listen to music directly on the website and also on the Android App. You can even watch Music videos without even downloading them. 4Shared lets users search for files from within its massive database and then to add those files to your account easily.


  • The app requires to read your contact list which helps the process of sharing your files easier.
  • Call information is required by 4Shared so that it can pause any ongoing music while you receive a call.
  • Wi-Fi: Helps improve the upload quality and speed.
  • Files/Media/Files: This is one of the most important requirements of 4Shared given that it is an online storage app. This permission is necessary so that it can read the files from your storage and then upload them to its database. It is also required in order to download any and all files that you need to get from the storage.

Features of 4Shared

How to Download 4Shared from Official Links

4Shared initially existed in the website form only, but later it was available as an app for the Android platform. Now, the app is available on the official Google Play Store. Moreover, it is free to download and install. The process to download 4Shared from official links is below.

  • Make sure you have a Google Account in order to access Google Play.
  • Launch the Play Store on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Search for the 4Shared App using the Search tab in the Store.
  • Once you find the app, you only have to tap on the Install button.
  • The app will be on the top of the result page with the Install button.
  • After the installation is complete, you can open the app from your App Drawer.

This is the official installation method that you need to follow in order to get 4Shared App on your Android device.

Will 4Shared work

4Shared APK: Will it work after Download and Install

If you use the download method that we have explained just now, then the 4Shared App will definitely work. It is because this is the official method for installing the app and you need to use no other method but the Play Store method. If you go for any other method, then there are chances that it might not work.

Moreover, the app may also not work if your device doesn’t have the matching specifications. 4Shared needs some requirements to work properly if you want it to work. For example, you need to have Android 4.0 or higher and a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. Further, you will need a sufficient amount of storage if you download files.


4Shared was founded by Alex Lunkov and Sergey Chudnovsky in the year 2005. It is basically a free file sharing and storage service which allows users to upload and store their files on the online cloud storage. 4Shared has four main categories; books, videos, music, and photos. There is also a download and upload manager for desktop devices.

As per a survey in 2012, the online storage service had more than 5 million users and more than 11 million daily visits. In addition to that, 4Shared had a staggering 940 TB of stored files and more than 317 TB of daily file transfers. To add to its popularity, it also ranks on the Top 100 sites in Alexa’s Top 100 List.


To sum up this article, we can say that we have explained all the important aspects of the 4Shared App. We are sure that you now understand the service and its features in a proper way. In case you need more information about this app, then you can contact us at APKJunky.