4Liker – The Ultimate Hack for Free Facebook Likes [Auto Liker]

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Nowadays, there is a trend among the youth for the likes of different pictures or the videos which they upload on the various social media platforms. 4Liker is an application which is very helpful in increasing the likes on any of the posts for free. It provides likes for posts, pictures or any status just free and increases the popularity. Moreover, it provides a good help to the people who are starting a new page on Facebook or posting any good content on it.

This will increase the reach of the user and can get instant popularity within some amount of time. It is easily possible with the help of 4Liker. It is a trusted and reliable application for the auto-liking option. One does not have to buy the followers and likers from anywhere. Also, the application is free of cost and provides the solution without any cost. It is fully spamming free and they won’t even post anything on the timeline or wall of the Facebook account.

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The process is even simple and handy and one can easily use it. Additionally, we can get a number of likes on our statuses, photos, and even videos. Furthermore, the likes which a user or a person gets is free of cost and the chances of failure are less.

Features of 4Liker

It is one of the top application for auto liking and it is even trustworthy. It does not post anything on the wall of your account and helps the guys to be free from embarrassment. There is an APK file format for the installation purpose and one can download it very easily. Always keep the features in mind before using it. There are several important features which one should keep in mind while performing auto liker application. One can easily access it from anywhere and at any time.

Specifications “4Liker”
Latest Version 1.0
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 15.7 MB
Last Updated 20 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.2.0+
Status Publish
  • It plays a major role and helps a lot in growing your page or a profile on the social media platforms.
  • It is quite handy and helps a lot in saving time which is quite beneficial.
  • This puts an end to your searching options for likes and helps you to invest your time in creating attractive and eye soothing pictures.
  • We all know that it prevails for social media platforms and it helps for the sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • There is also a feature that allows you to get the unlimited likes on your pictures or videos.
  • There is a simple process of just sharing the link to the accounts and you will get the likes for free.

So, these are the important features of the 4Liker which builds the trust of the user and helps them to use the application. As the time passes, it will boost your morale and help the person to grow the account or any page. Moreover, always keep in mind the benefits of the application and use it wisely.


How to Download 4Liker from Official Links

There are several platforms from which one can obtain the 4Liker application for their use. One will get the application in the form of the APK and it is easy to use. Furthermore, more the easiness of the application, more the users will attract and use it. However, there are several processes for downloading and the step by step information is present in the upcoming section.

  • First of all, install the application 4Liker on your device from an authorized browser on your device.
  • Then make sure that you have enabled the ‘Applications from unknown sources’ option from the settings menu.
  • Now, go to the location where the application is present after downloading and click on it.
  • Now, take care of the setup and installing process on your device.
  • Once the installing is over, then open it for the Instagram application.
  • Then, you can have a look at the promotional feature of the application or just ignore the message which is displaying on the screen.
  • Now, select any category for auto liking purpose and carry out the further process.

So, this was the process of downloading the particular application and the way in which the application works. Moreover, it is very simple and will also provide the adequate information regarding it as u proceed.

4Liker APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

Due to several platforms providing the application, it is not appropriate to install them on your device. You may never know that it can contain the dangerous malware with it. Additionally, it is always preferable to use the official APK provided on the Internet. It is easily available and people can download it very conveniently.

It can work smoothly if the specifications of the device meet the demand of the applications. Moreover, it has been observed that there is no problem in the application if they are running with the proper specifications. The user has to just log in the account and connect it with the application. Also, the special care is taken about the personal data from the account. The data is not mishandled and special care is taken for it.

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Specifications for 4Liker APK for Android

There are several specifications for the 4Liker app and they are very basic to understand. Even a layman can understand what they are providing and the user should always take care of the specifications and keep them in mind.

  • The version of the application should be v1.0. It can be above that. It will work properly.
  • Also, the minimum requirement for Android version is 3.0. Every version above it is convenient for the usage of this application.
  • The developers of the application are the 4Liker team and they are not outsourcing it.
  • Additionally, the main feature of the application is to provide the safe likes for the posts on Facebook.
  • The size of the whole file is around 1.5MB and it is available in the APK Link format.

These are the basic specifications about the 4Liker app present on the internet. These specifications prove it one of the best application for auto liking and very simple to use. It is definitely safe to use and the authentic application is obtainable everywhere on the internet.

So, all in all, the major aspects of 4Liker is covered in this article. The prospects which are covered are features of the application, downloading process, authenticity of APK, and specifications of the application. The app is fully safe and one can use it without any fear. They are not posting on any platforms that a particular person has used it. So, one can stop thinking about it and can focus on the creativity of their pictures and effects.