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The whole world is linking together with the help of the internet today. The people all around the globe desire to use and explore new things with the help of the internet. But with the usage of the internet, there is a possibility of malware and viruses linking to the device. It can harm the device on a large scale and the disrupt the software in it. The 360 Total Security provides the anti-virus to the devices and also checks the whole device from time to time.

It is an anti-virus providing safety to the devices from the unwanted and the suspicious files. It operates on various platforms and the latest one is on the Android stage on which the anti-virus has launched. The anti-virus provides security as well as many different features to the users of the software. It detects the threats which can occur to the devices. Also, the people install the software for detecting ransomware.

They also try to protect the important files from the users who try to attempt it in an unauthorized manner. It can be really helpful to the business people and those who keep their files secretly.

Features of 360 Total Security

The features of the application make it really a people’s favorite. Apart from the anti-virus, 360 Total Security offers the people a lot more things which makes it very interesting using it in the day to day life. It breaches the system and identifies the virus before it has even reached the device. It also tries to optimize the whole device and the makes the device run smoothly for a longer period of time.

Specifications “360 Total Security” SPECS
Latest Version 4.5.9
Download Now APK [New Version]
APK Size 19.1 MB
Last Updated 26 Jul 2018
Support Android Version Android 4.0+
Status Publish

Anti-Virus Engines

It has one of the best anti-virus search engines and helps the people to extract the viruses and the ransomware from the devices. It detects and protects the device from the viruses.

Optimizing the system

The company not only detects the viruses and keep the device virus free. But the software also optimizes the system and makes it run smoothly. It cleans all the device including the junk files and also the additional plug-ins. This helps to create more space for more files and the documents.

Toolkit for Anti-Ransomware

It has a cloud-based technology in its software. The application provides the overall security to the documents of the user. Its limits are not up to this. The program can also detect the newest ransomware in the storage of the device.

Moreover, it keeps a check on the viruses and activities that may hijack or tamper the documents in the device. It is a paradise for the business people because it creates a backup of the files and important documents which were accessed without any authority.

Protection On-The-Web

This feature can access the internet with so much ease. It does not allow any hacker to visit your profile without proper authentication. It scans all the files which the user has downloaded in the computer. This makes the process very easy to use the internet without any problem.

How to Download 360 Total Security from Official Links

There is a specific procedure to download the 360 Total Security for the Windows devices. But the process is quite simple and easy. Anyone can start downloading it from the authentic sources and the application will be ready for the usage of the device. Also, it is not like other and different anti-virus software which slows down the process of the computer with the heavy loaded files of anti-virus.

First of all, check the device whether it is compatible with supporting the software or not. There are requirements which the computer has to fulfill to run the 360 Total Security software. It needs any version of Windows whether it is XP or Vista or 7/8/10.1. Furthermore, it needs the memory of 512 Mb and the CPU of 1.6 GHz. It also requires the free space around 1Gb.

Now, the user has to select the version of the 360 Total Security in the device. Basically, there are two types of the versions of the software. The first one is the 360 Total Security Essential and the other one is 360 Total Security. The Essential plan is more versatile and the plan contains more options and benefits to another plan.

Then select anyone from the options from the ‘Products’ on the taskbar. Now, tap on the ‘Download’ option and you can download the whole anti-virus pack just for free. Once you download the file in your device, then locate the file which is an installer file in your device. Double tap to open the software on your device.

After that, select the appropriate language option and install the file in the Computer. When this process is over then you can use it on your device. Make sure that you keep in mind that there are some value-added services if you will select the Essential pack for your laptop or device.

360 Total Security APK: Will it Work after Download & Install

The 360 Total Security is one of the best anti-viruses in the market right now. It also provides the software for security to the Android devices. The company has launched its latest APK software which detects the trojan virus or any kind of theft. There is a Chinese company whose name is Qihoo 360 Technologies Co. Ltd. has made the APK for the Android devices. It is the same company which has made all the versions of 360 Total Security till now.

So, we can easily install the APK on our device and it will run smoothly. There won’t be any problem occurring in the devices. Also, the software will optimize the current gadget and will also save the battery whenever it is possible.

Some Additional Features

There are many more additional features apart from the ones which are present above. Basically, the design is according to the purpose of optimizing the system and running it smoothly at any time.

It provides the browser and download protection whenever there is any requirement. It also provides the protection against online shopping and also the data hijacking from different sources. The software is also very efficient in detecting the real-time threats and computer speed up too.


So, to conclude the given article, we had a look at the features of the 360 Total Security. After that, we came across the downloading process from the official links as well as the APK format too. In the end, there are some additional features as well which we should keep in mind.